Our Ghana Roads


I overheard a colleague saying that during those days when they were children the roads were good. Those roads are the same roads we see today (except that their conditions are different – not healthy at all ! )

I also read somewhere that one of our representatives in “our” Parliament is saying that the road tolls be increased by 200%. The question I asked myself was “what on earth informed the Honorable MP to suggest that” ?.

The Facts :

1. All our previous leaders especially those who worked within the road sector and the MPs are to be blamed, and squarely of course. The fact is every constructed road has a lifespan.

Our previous leaders and MPs “did not database” the roads to know which ones have aged and needed to be re-constructed, rehabilitated, repaired, and so on… They failed woefully and that’s why they are to be blamed and in fact punished for not performing on their mandate. They took our taxes in the form of salaries for granted.

2. Today and suddenly we realize all our roads have overlived and they are dead. This is why everybody is complaining about the poor nature of “his or her” portion of the roads.

The Solutions :

a. The present leaders and MPs should impress on the “redistribution of resources” as quickly as possible, to solve the road sector problem.

b. The old method and lazy approach of increasing road toll to 200% will not be the answer.

Lest I forget what is happening to the “street lights levies” which are included in the electricity bills that people pay? Some of the street lights on some of these dead roads “are dead”

By: Arc. G. K. Kwakye

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