Richard Anamoo
Richard Anamoo

The Director General of the Ghana Ports and Habours Authority, Mr. Richard Anamoo has stressed that port capacity performance is an essential element of the overall trade capacity of the maritime industry and hence there is the need to enhance partnership and collaboration among West African states.

Richard Anamoo
Richard Anamoo

According to him, there is the need to enhance trade and investment opportunities for ports infrastructure development considering the growth in traffic and increase in imports.

Mr. Richard Anamoo made these remarks at the opening ceremony of a three day IQPC Conference on Port and Habours in West Africa held at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre in Accra.
He said, management of the ports have been fraught with many challenges including terrorism, pirating, the challenge of trade facilitation, among other and that it will take partnerships to be able to stand the test of time.

Mr. Anamoo also enumerated that Port capacity is not a constant value as it will vary with the changing port operating conditions, and tends to fluctuate in relation to the type, volume and timing of the demand for services.
He mentioned that seaports are part of a country’s supply chain and their efficiency is a measure of the country?s logistics connectivity index. ?That is why seaports have been described variously as the ?gateways? of a country’s international trade and the ?lungs? of a country’s economy,? adding that Seaports play strategic roles in the socio-economic development of all nations and that landlocked country depend on seaports for their development.

Mr Anamoo also indicated that Maritime transport, of which seaports are integral components, account for 90 per cent by volume and 80 per cent by value of international merchandise trade. This makes international trade, a major driver of socio-economic development and civilization, very dependent on seaports.
Efficient seaports, he mentioned thrive on adequate provision of infrastructure, an efficient management and sound institutional and legal arrangements and where these requirements are lacking, the efficiency of a port may be compromised with adverse consequences for a country’s industrial and foreign trade performance.
He stressed the need for partnerships since inadequate Provision of Port Infrastructure and a shortfall in supply of port infrastructure relative to demand.

Efficient seaports promote trade and stimulate socio-economic development of nations. There is a positive correlation between port infrastructure, port capacity and port efficiency. Adequate provision of infrastructure is the foundation for adequate capacity which is a major factor for efficient port performance.
He recommended that efforts should be sustained in the provision of adequate port infrastructure, calling on private operators invest in cargo handling equipment and efforts must be channeled to improve port infrastructure which will go hand-in-hand with improving inland transport infrastructure.


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