In 2010 there was a glamorous event that took place at the State Banquet hall called the “BECCA BALL” organized in the name of Rebecca Acheampong musically called Becca with the aim of raising money to insure close to over 10, 000 children across the country for national health insurance?

18newspaper carried the story within that same year (2010) and it brought a lot of noise about the aftermath of the event. The first article published by 18newspaper then was ‘where is the insurance money for the children, Becca’, this headline led to the unveil of so many stories about the children’s ball.

A Graphic Showbiz story dated – August 4 2010 had the reply to the above story as – “Becca can’t fly donor’s pledges unpaid’ and in that story it was said that pledges made during her (Becca) event to help solve the health insurance problem of kids around the country has not been honored yet so how can the artiste help. The same Graphic Showbiz story revealed and we quote: ‘

Some corporate entities and individuals praised the noble idea and promised to put in some of the required cash.

At the ball held at the State House Banquet Hall in Accra, a little cash was raised on the spot but pledges for substantial contributions flew in from all corners. None of those pledges, according to Becca’s manager Kiki Banson, has been honored. He says the Dubai-based Kampac Oil Company pledged to pay $100,000 a year for 10 years to the cause but not a dime has come forth yet. He said it cost more than $20,000 from friends, family and sponsors to put on the ball. “Becca had flown to Dubai earlier to meet the chairman, Mr Charles Amporful and he committed the company to paying those amounts.

” He was not at the ball but he designated the Country Manager here, Mr Chuck Anyomi, to represent him and announce the pledge. “No part of the money has been paid yet. That was the major pledge on the night so it has rendered Becca incapable, as at now, of doing what she wants to do.”

Two years ahead nothing has been heard from this laudable idea as to whether the money from KOMPAC OIL has started coming in or not.

The big question is, “Why is it that many celebrities try to take Ghanaians for a ride”. Everybody is aware of the typical Ghanaian behavior, that is, they talk about a situation for two weeks and it will die off hence they always use that philosophy to protect their irresponsible attitudes. The thing is simple, the idea was good, pledges are pledges but must be honored because it is for a wealthy course, so if the so called big companies cannot fulfill their pledges, the media expects the artiste to come out and voice it, rather than trying to protect faces and brands.

Now the question on the street is, ‘What really happened to the children’s insurance money said to be raised by Becca, a female singer’. May be she has pushed and pushed but no response from pledge makers hence the best way to get the attention of Ghanaians is through the media, just like the very way she came out first but it is two years and the last article about this was dated in August 2010, why?

What do we see, because Ghanaians talked about it for two weeks only in 2010, the issue has been left to rot with nothing coming from BECCA, her management or the pledge makers hence the issue has been left to chance without any explanation to no one. We believe Becca and her management or the people / companies involve need to tell Ghanaians something, they can’t raise hopes of mothers and just leave the pot on the ground to break with no reason.



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