PNC Flagbearer Aspirant, Hassan Ayariga

AS THE woes of the People’s National Convention (PNC) deepens at the national level, some concerned members of the party in the Upper East region, have also cautioned one of the flag bearer aspirants, Hassan Ayariga, not to repeat his “lies” at the congress grounds at Sunyani today, February 4, to avoid any disgrace.

According to the concerned members, it has come to their attention that Hassan Ayariga, who will be contesting against Dr. Edward Mahama for the flag bearer of the party, has been telling delegates in the southern part of the country that he (Hassan Ayariga) has opened seven offices for the party in the Upper East region.

A spokesperson for the concerned members, Austin Johnson Ayine told the DAILY GUIDE after their press conference that the only active PNC office in the Upper East region now is the regional office, which was secured by Dr. Edward Mahama and Alhaji Ahmed Ramadan.
“The reason why we are coming out now to caution Hassan Ayariga to desist from lying to the delegates over non existing constituency offices he claims to have opened in this region and also to alert the delegates, so that they are not deceived into thinking that Hassan Ayariga is the saviour of the PNC when in reality he is not. To the best of our knowledge, PNC does not have functioning offices in the constituencies, however we are getting information that the new regional executives are working hard to get offices for the constituencies,” Mr. Ayine added.
The group advised the delegates from the Upper East region and other regions not to vote based on lies that they have been told at their various meetings, but rather they should look out for leadership that will keep the PNC together for this year’s general elections.

“We wish all the aspirants the best of luck especially the current
executives who took over the party from 2007 to date and our younger colleagues who are always on air propagating the ideals and programmes of the party such as Abu Ramadan, Henry Asante, Atik Mohammed, and Bernard Mornah the General Secretary,” he stated.

 From Ebo Bruce-Quansah, Bolgatanga



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