Refuse is Eating Up Bolga Municipal

off loading refuse into the compaction truck
off loading refuse into the compaction truck

The Bolgatanga Municipal Assembly is cash-strapped as it cannot afford a starter battery for its refuse truck to collect refuse within the municipality in the last one month.

The two times best Assembly in the country is now engulfed by filth and stench emitting from over flown waste bins placed at vantage points within the Municipality.

The stench posed potential health hazards to residents.

The bins have overflowed for about one month as the only vehicle at the Municipal Assembly was grounded because the Assembly could not afford a starter battery to get the truck on road.

A visit by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) to some sections of the Municipality glaringly showed a display of the filth from the over flowed bins while light winds blew off some of the refuse, thereby worsening the already filthy city.

At the Bolgatanga Slaughter house for instance it was seen that the meat producing facility was engulfed by filth and emitting strong stench from the blood and excreta of animals killed and dressed from the house for human consumption.

When the GNA interviewed the Municipal Environmental and Sanitation Officer, Mr Leo Lugochera, he confirmed that the two containers allocated to the slaughter house had not been emptied because of challenges beyond his outfit.

He however could not mention the challenges, but the GNA investigations at the Assembly revealed that the starter battery was the cause for the grounding of the truck for several weeks.

Meanwhile the slaughter House environment is an eye-sore as carcass of calves and excreta of the animals produced hot unfriendly stench giving field’s day to scavengers and flies.

Mr Dauda Gafar, a mechanic whose shop is close to the slaughter house appealed to the authorities to clean the area noting that workers around the area were exposed to mosquito bites as the slaughter house had become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Mr Tindangzor Kolgo, Chief Butcher at the house who lamented over the scene explained that several appeals made by the Butchers to get the Assembly to empty the bins proved futile and called on the Assembly to come to their aid to improve on the sanitation at the house to ensure they continued to provide the public with wholesome meat.

Several efforts to get the Bolgatanga Municipal Chief Executive to respond to the issue proved futile, even after additional efforts to get to speak to him through other persons.


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