Rose Mcgowan
Rose Mcgowan

The 45-year-old actress was one of a number of women to speak out against the disgraced movie mogul, accusing him of raping her in a hotel room in 1997, and the ‘Planet Terror’ star would rather he just ceased to exist as she isn’t confident he will face justice for his alleged sexual abuse of women.

She said: “I would just rather he [Weinstein] fall off the planet. I don’t often hold out a lot of hope for justice but I still have that little girl flame inside that’s like, ‘Please, please, please world, do what’s just and right’. But my rational self says, ‘I don’t know’.

“My life will go on. I was tortured by him for a very long time, and I feel like until this person is removed from the planet, it’s an albatross that I’ll carry. And all because somebody else wanted to rape somebody, and was selfish and thief. But that’s what’s cool about my book because it’s not about him, it’s not about #MeToo. It’s about being brave in your own life and that’s what got me here today is being brave in my own life.”

The ‘Charmed’ actress chose not name Weinstein in her 2018 memoir ‘Brave’, instead she refers to him simply as ‘The Monster’, because she wanted to keep her words “pretty”.

In a video interview for the Harper’s Bazaar website about the #MeToo movement, she said: “I never named him in my book because it’s an ugly name and I have pretty words and I respect words very much. I’ve had unbelievable obstacles but I carry on and I carry on because it means something to the nine-year-old girl in Dublin who wanted to get a Rose Army tattoo and her dad didn’t let her. I’ve had a hard life and sometimes things are hard and sometimes things are beautiful.”

McGowan also explained that the #MeToo movement has pressed a “restart button” for women and inequality could be solved if each gender viewed each other as “human”.

She added: “Culturally, we’ve pressed a restart button and we are a bit smarter than we were before. A lot of men can see women as human instead of just women or objects, and in the reverse.

“Women can see men in the reverse. My thing was if we get the genders to see each other as human then we might be able to solve this. It’s not about the micro, but the macro of it all.”
Rose’s interview went live on International Women’s Day (08.03.19) and is available to view


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