Social and Constitutional changes in Somalia.

Whenever Somalia made itself into the headlines some unwise politicians thought of wasted land.
Over 20 years of lawlessness had decimated the population and national resources of the country.
The clique of scathing warlords savored the fruits vicious administration. The power invocation of the warlords hurdled and suffered 2004/5 in the hands od moderate terrorists at the time.

The terrorists smelled the complicity of the lawlessness in the war torn nation. As observed the warlords ran barefoot and some of them were incinerated.
The hard-line group gained the whole control of the capital of Somalia.
A former worker confided to our reporter. This former actor uncovered that Ethiopian invasion in 2006 helped terrorists to recruit youth in a hawkish stereotypes under the banned of protecting the country.
This stereotype crippled Ethiopian contingents and finally drove them back.

Lawlessness turned out Somalia as anarchist where terrorists and pirates gleam to subvert and keep rigidity as a top agenda.

Despite Somalia’s lowest records of justice systems, the country presented and upheld the rule of law than its neighbors.
Somalia’s highest military court sentenced death to armed public offenders and released innocent military men. Muungaab, who is the head of supreme armed courts won the trust of the citizens of Somalia.

Apart from law there are misinterpretation of Social changes and Democracy.
Depending on age the elders defined as either a new thematic or a modern type of imperialism prudently.
The terrorists who are also a hardcore group precedents as subsequent hypocrisy of non-muslims meant to erode Islam.
youth are the only the age that can’t give definitions.
However Noor Afrax, a devoted, adventurous and most confidant of youth problems had placed stimulus on them. He is not only outstanding and outspoken but also he established a Social Change Entrepreneurship aimed to make sure people put their differences aside and engage positive changes. “am doing this by heart. you know, I only have two legs one is in the hell and one is near the hell. so Why can’t I get my two legs in the hell or out of the hell. Do I look like affluence d philanthropist!.? He joked in exclusive interview.

Warlords are abject citizen now in Somalia and terrorists are running some are surrendering. While aftereffects and repercussions, the war torn country hopes to once come back to be what it was 2 decades ago.

Reported by,
Our East African correspondence,
Nuune Gaabshe,

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