My Afrikan Brothers and Sisters in USA, what has happened to your Ancient Continental Afrika-based and oriented concept and practice of the Family which gave birth to the world’s first concept and practice of the Human Family?

Do you know your today’s concept and practice of family which you are conditioned to call your own is not your concept and practice of family but the White man’s created, based, oriented and controlled concepts and practices of the family imposed on you to rob you of all knowledge, power, and benefit of your original Afrikan concept and practice of Family which you know little or nothing of?

Are you aware of the fact that, your early Afrikan Ancestors, even in the White man’s chains in White America/USA, never forgot their original and Native Continental Afrikan concept and practice of the Family, which they held on to, and practice in secret?

By living in tune to the limitless power of their Ancient/Traditional Afrikan concept and practice of the Family, they were able to know, master, use daily and benefit form their Afrikan Ancient principles upon which the world’s first and oldest human Family was created, based, and oriented.

And without this daily attunement to the power of what a true Afrikan Family is not and what it is, your early Afrikan Ancestors would not have remained fundamentally intact or whole as members of a conscious Afrikan Family in the White man’s world.

In spite of the White man’s chronic abuses and horrors heaped perpetually on them as a people, they know, as long as they stuck together in secret as one people from Continental Afrika, no amount of the White man’s abuses and atrocities can totally break them down.

That is why you are born here today in USA and Europe calling yourselves everything except Afrikan.

This explains why, all over the world, other conscious human groups on Earth except the majority of you my today’s African Americans, have their own concepts and practices of the family that vary from one group to another.

For, they know that even though the word ?Family? is one, its definitions, concepts and practices are many and varies from one Entity to another and as such means different things to different people on Earth.

That is why, the French concept and practice of the family is not the same as the German or Italian concept and practice of the family and vice-versa and even though they are all Western-based and oriented.

The way the British understand and relate to their British families is different from the ways the Japanese, the Chinese or the Russians understand and relate to their own families.

That is why they all have their own concepts and practices of the family that are rooted in their Ancient and Ancestral concepts and practices of the family of their Ancestors from whom they descend and are proud of.

That is why, family to the Italian American is Italian-based and oriented and not Japanese based and oriented and vice-versa .

The Anglo-Saxon American defines the family in terms of what his/her Ancestors thought of the family which is Anglo-Saxon .

The Jewish American’s knowledge and practice is Jewish-based and oriented from head to toe .

In the same way, the concepts and practices of Family to the Chinese American, the Japanese American, the Latino/Hispanic American etc are based and defined by their respective Ancestral/cultural/historical heritage which are unique, indigenous and Native to them and which are deeply rooted in the Ancient teachings and experience of their Ancestors.

All because, they all know, a family that is uprooted from the glory of its Ancestral past, root, heritage, culture and values is no family but a death trap or a hollow suit.

But when it comes to the ninety-nine percent of you My Afrikan brothers and sisters in USA, 400 years of programming have turned you into the only human group on Earth with alien concepts and practices of the family.

As far as you are concerned, it does not matter whether you practice Afrikan or Western concepts and practices of the family, since to you, family is a family everywhere on Earth but which you know is not true.

In your ignorance of your Afrikan concept and practice of the Family, you allow the White man to fool you into believing and accepting his lie that family is a family to you only when it is Western/White based and oriented rather than Afrikan based and oriented.

Hence, instead of fighting for your divine right to have, enjoy and benefit from the Heaven of your Afrika-based Family as your early Afrikan Ancestors did 300 years ago, you now consider it a great honor, privilege and right to have and destroy yourselves in the hell of Western-White-based and oriented families kept alive to keep you perpetually ignorant of and uprooted from your Ancient Afrika-based and oriented Family.

In this way, it has become easier for the White man to get you to turn yourselves into the world’s most vulnerable, violent, sick, abused, homeless, hungry, and neglected families on Earth.

Not because you are bad by nature. Not because you are lazy by nature.

Not because you cannot protect and defend your families against the evils of the White man’s domination, control, influence, exploitation and abuses of your families in USA.

But simply because you allow the White man, the Arab and the Jew to rob you of the power, protection and pride of the Afrikan base, foundation and root of your Afrikan concept and practice of the Family.

And without the urgent recovery , development and protection of your Afrika Style Family to honor and be proud of, all else is zero.

That is why, the families of other conscious cultural groups that make up USA are less vulnerable to the plagues of drug abuses, violence, divorces, teen pregnancies, juvenile delinquencies and the likes not because they are more intelligent or better off than you.

But because, their families in USA and Europe are all deeply rooted, fortified, and protected by their Ancestral roots, foundations, heritage, culture , values , security , pride and dignity of which they are all proud and cannot do without.

This means, only your urgent recovery, knowledge, mastery and daily attunement to the limitless power of your forgotten Afrikan Concept and Practice of the Family can set free your today’s de-Afrikanized or Westernized Afrikan Family in USA/Europe/Afrika from the Hell of turning your Afrika- based and oriented Family into photocopies of the White man’s families.

For, only your Afrikacentric Afrika Family can teach you, your forgotten Ancient Truth that, your Afrika Family, no matter where you find yourself on earth , is a sacred thing to have, honor, adore, love, empower, protect, defend and satisfy its cause, needs and interests at all times and places.

Also because, your Afrikan Family is the only family which is capable of teaching you the Truth that Family is not and can never be limited to a nucleus family of mother, father and child but rather, to an extended Family that involves the entire community.

That is why your Ancient Afrikan Proverb and Senator Hillary Clinton teaches us that it takes a Whole village to raise a child.

All because, to your Ancestors, the Family is so important, crucial and indispensable to the general well being and continuity of the entire community or people that its complex affairs cannot be left in the hands of a nucleus family.

But rather in the hands of all members of the community who regard the families as the foundation of their Afrikan Nation.

That is why another Afrika Proverb of yours rightly teaches us that : The ruins of a nation begin from its homes.

This means, stronger and healthy families mean stronger and healthy nation.

In addition, to recover your Afrika- based Family is also to know that your Afrikacentric Family needs a good, safe and positive home, environment, foundation, or land to grow on and flourish into the mighty Fruit Tree from it to bear all the delicious and nourishing Afrika Fruits the community needs and wants for their enjoyment.

Because, the community knows without stronger and healthy Afrika Families, there will not be a Community tomorrow when the elders have gone.

This means, thanks to your Afrika based family, you will know also your forgotten Ancient Afrikan truth that a family without children is like a river without fish.

This means, to our Ancestors, family is sacred to respect, revere and have forever because it is the source of all human life manifested as children, which are considered not as a curse or burden to run away from but as a blessing for all members of the community to honor, protect, defend and be proud of.

And as such, the more children a community is blessed with, the more grateful, happy, and more determined it becomes to individually and collectively take care of their families via the children as the top priority of their mission on Earth.

For them, families/children come first before any other preoccupations in life. Not career first.

Not personal comfort first.

Not I-Me-Myself first but the families/children first.

Hence, their general well being, happiness, protection, guidance, teaching, and training in life are not considered the private affairs or domain of the nucleus parents but the affairs and concern of all the adults of the community who have been doing to where their children/youth are now going in life.

And by involving all he members of the community in the up bringing of their children as the common wealth of the community, children are guaranteed a life of drug-free, crime-free, alcohol-free, and violence-free for the benefit of all.

This is so because, children are taught by their elders and parents how and why to respect their elders and listen to their advice on life, which they are encouraged to put into practice every second as well as they are taught how to be obedient, respectful, honest, sincere, sharing, cooperative, helpful, loves of themselves and others in life.

In this way, your Afrikacentered Family and children will become the healthy Afrika Seeds that are planted on a healthy Afrika land and nursed by all Hands we can get and respect for them to grow into the healthy Trees and Fruits for the enjoyment and benefit of all members of your Afrika Community, Nation , Government , Kingdom and Empire as we did in the past for three Million Years .

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