Stop ratification of Arusha
Stop ratification of Arusha

The ARIPO PVP is not substantially different from the PBB. For example, Clause 23 in the PBB is also found in Article 25 of the ARIPO PVP. Clause 23 of the Plant Breeders’ Bill equally reads:

Stop ratification of Arusha
Stop ratification of Arusha

Measures Regulating Commerce
A plant breeder right shall be independent of any measure taken by the Republic to regulate within Ghana the production, certification and marketing of material of a variety or the importation or exportation of the material. Plant Breeders’ Bill, Publications | Parliament of Ghana

Compare this with Article 25 of the ARIPO PVP Protocol:

Measures Regulating Commerce
A breeder’s right is independent of any measure to regulate the production, certification and marketing of material of varieties or the importing or exporting of such material and in any case, such measures shall not affect the application of the provisions of this Protocol. Draft Protocol – UPOV

It attempts to put the rights of the plant breeder above the laws of Ghana, whilst it places the rights of farmers at the “discretion” of the Minister of Agriculture”

This, like the Plant Breeders’ Bill before it, must be rejected.

Protect Ghana farmers’ legal right to freely save, share, and sell seeds!

Protect Ghana’s small holder farmers and our rich and delicious foods.

Protect Ghana’s farmers so they can grow nutritious food for our people and not pesticide saturated GMO crops for export.

Don’t let foreign corporations steal our land and pollute our soil and rivers with chemicals.

Stand with Ghana against the greed of the multinational agro-chemical corporations!

Stop Parliament and ARIPO from putting foreign agrochemical corporations such as Monsanto above the laws of Ghana. Keep Ghana sovereign and independent!

Stop biopiracy, stop foreign corporations from stealing the seed DNA of Ghana, claiming it belongs to them, and forcing us to buy it back at high prices after it has been contaminated with GMOs.

So far, the farmers and people of Ghana have stopped passage of the Plant Breeders Bill in Parliament. The Plant Breeders Bill would give corporations such as Monsanto rights above the laws of Ghana. The bill would end Ghana’s full sovereignty and independence as a nation, enable biopiracy, and outlaw traditional farming practices.

The forces that want to pass the Plant Breeders Bill against the will of the Ghanaian people have not given up. The bill is currently suspended in Parliament. But USAID has been working overtime with their cronies in Ghana’s government to impose the same bill on Ghana from outside as an international trade agreement.

The African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO) Protocol New Plant Variety Protection Protocol, dubbed “Arusha Protocol”, was adopted in Tanzania when ARIPO met on June 28-July 1. It is nothing but an attempt to smuggle the Plant Breeders’ Bill through the back-door. and to impose the same bill on Ghana, this time from outside as an international treaty.

For more on what this means to Ghana see:
ARIPO Meets In Secret To Give Control Of Our Food To Foreigners

Please call or write Parliament and tell them vote against the Arusha Protocol!

Call or write:
Speaker of the Parliament
Parliament House, Accra
Tel.: 233-302-668514
Email: [email protected]
Tweet @GhanaParliament

Let your MP know what you think!

Will Ghana protect Ghana’s food and farmers! Or will it ratify the Arusha Protocol and sell both food and farmers to multinational corporations such as Monsanto?

Parliament needs to know Ghanaians are watching them! They need to know the whole world is watching Ghana!

Source : Pan-Africanist Briefs

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