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AK 47

A Case for Gun Ownership Protection in Ghana

All of a sudden there appears a need to control gun ownership in Ghana. Why? Could it be that the NDC government?s plan to...

Fix Kotoka International Airport Escalator

By Akua Bonsu As a woman in her late forties, I haven?t quite gotten to the point of struggling with stair climbing yet, but I...

Speaker Adjaho Can?t Wait to be President

An opportunity to be president of Ghana for 90 days doesn?t come by frequently. That is why Speaker of Parliament Hon Doe Adjaho is...

Mahama and Woyome ? Birds of a ?Lithur? Feather?

From a layman?s point of view, lawyers defend three categories of clients ? the clearly innocent wrongfully accused; the clearly guilty but willing to...

NDC is Being Childish

In Los Angeles, California a college student had an altercation on campus and ended up breaking the nose of his adversary. In the criminal...

To Overturn Or Not To Overturn

When many African or developing nations witnessed a trendy end to military coup d?etats and dictatorships, and embarked upon democratic forms of governance, there...