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She’s the BOSS ; 5 reasons why women succeed in leadership

The word ‘’boss’’ if often synonymous with a leader of a group, firm or organization. The first image that comes to mind when one...

Women contributing greatly to ecommerce growth in Africa

‘’Mother’’, ‘’wife’’ , ‘’sister’’, ‘’girlfriend’’. Each of these are familiar roles played by women in our world. The importance of each of them may...

Developing Ghanaian SMEs; The E-Commerce Solution

One of the most significant backbones of Ghana’s economic and social development for a very long time has been small and medium scale enterprises...
Organize a Party

How to Organize a Party in Less Than 60 Minutes

‘’There is no party without jollof’’ or ‘’A party without jollof is a conference’’ This is what the foodies often say right? Maybe what they...
Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum

Ghana’s Tourism Performed Poorly in Q1 of 20117er of 2017

Tourism, often referred to as Ghana’s 4th highest foreign exchange earner and an industry with so much potential in our continuous development has recently...

Need a wedding anniversary getaway? Then, you’re in luck

Top 5 Ghanaian Destinations for wedding anniversary getaways Marriage is a beautiful thing, the beginning of a new life, an adventure and one of life’s...

Cape Coast The Focus of Ghana Tourism Highlight

Previously Ghana’s capital city, Cape-Coast was once the center of all business in Ghana. From colonial days through slave trade to present day, this...
Top 5 factors that influence customers choice of a hotel in Ghana

Five elements that helps us in our choice of Hotels in Ghana

Ghanaians! Certainly not the most frantic hotelbookers. Great people with varying needs and objectives. Hotel booking has long been a preserve for the affluent...

A Tribute to one of Africa’s Greatest Sons – Nelson Madiba Mandela

It’s July 18th, 1918 somewhere in Mvezo, South Africa. The weather changes, birds fly fast to take cover and the world comes to a...
Urban migration

Top 5 challenges of urbanisation

Ghana, a population of almost 28 million people with its capital Accra having almost 3 million of that. Amazingly the number of indigenes of...

Analysing impact of OTAs on Ghanaian tourism and hospitality

Throw back a few decades to the 60’s and 70’s or even the early 80’s when technology was not this far advanced. Travelling was...

Wet season: How rains affect tourism in Ghana

Wise men say ‘’If it never rains, then we’ll never grow’’. They also say ‘’without the rain, then there will be no rainbow’’. These...

E-commerce is the future of Ghanaian start-ups

Startups seem to be the new ‘’ish’’ in Ghana. These days, nearly 5 startups are launched every day and this is both encouraging and...

Best six hotels for wedding receptions in Ghana

With love comes marriage and with marriage comes a ceremony. Ceremonies in the past were limited to close friends and family with a few...

Our hospitality can be monetised by efficient professionals

‘’One thing everybody wants and needs in this world is FRIENDLINESS’’ - William E. Holler. Before you start getting heated up if you are a...
rainy day

Stuck inside? Here are 5 things you can do on a rainy day

June/July each year is greeted with so many mixed feelings in Ghana. For some, it represents a time when their plants will be well...
tourism in Ghana

Tourism industry needs trained professionals

According to recent figures from the Hospitality report Africa released by Africa’s leading online travel agency Jumia Travel, a total of 365 hotel chain...

The 5 things to know about air travel in Ghana

Ghana Airways. This is probably the most popular airline to many Ghanaians both young and old. So much that many didn’t know our airport...
Protea Hotel, Takoradi

Ghana’s five most beautiful hotels you never knew existed

In times past, hotels and guesthouses were the preserve of the elite and well-to-do in society. The main customers were foreign travelers and businessmen...
Hotels for 1Ghc

An opportunity for low rates this Easter

Unbelievable! It’s a hoax! Lies!... These are the expected remarks when you cross paths with such information. Hotels for 1Ghc? Incredible, isn’t it? Now let...

Ghana: The reasons why Ashanti’s remain wealthy people

‘’Sika’’ or ‘’Jw3t33’’ are very popular terms used to caption money or riches in many Ashanti or Akan parts of Ghana. A rich person,...

Healthcare: Taking a slice of the hospitality cake

I have a dream! To travel around the world and experience different cultures. To taste amazing foods and drink funny looking cocktails. To go...

Avoid These Five Things On Valentines To Sustain Your Relationship

Deep in our hearts, there are indelible marks. Marks of love and affection. Marks of people who can never be forgotten. These marks are...

Best 5 Romantic Hotels In Ghana That Will Suit Your Valentine’s day

‘’I love you’’, ‘’will you marry me?’’, ‘’be my wife’’. These plus many other statements and questions will be popped in a few days....

Stakeholders In Tourism Must Collaborate For Growth Of Industry

Growth and development is a true indication of how successful a sector is. With vast improvement in standards, increase in revenue and a relatively...

These Fives Things Proves How Hospitable Ghanaian Are

Being tagged as the world’s 8th most friendliest country is by no means an achievement to ignore. This feat has been achieved due to...

Impact Of Ghana’s New Government On Travel And Tourism

Quite recently, Ghana experienced a smooth transition from the 4th President to the 5th President of the 4th Republic. This implies a new Government...
AFCON tourism

This Is What AFCON 2017 Means To African Tourism

16 of Africa’s finest footballing nations have converged in Gabon for the 31st edition of the continents greatest football showpiece, the AFCON 2017. Pre-tournament...
africa tourism

5 Reason Why Africa Should Be Your 2017 Tourism Destination

There is a lot to see and learn - Home of elephants, wildlife, flora, beautiful beaches, and waterfalls. Africa has far more to see...

5 Things in 2016 Ghana Should Be Proud Of

How fast a year passes by. With so much activity, more successes to celebrate and many challenges to learn from. When 2017 arrives, it...