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Shell Oil to Expedite Reduction of CO2 Emissions After Hague Court Decision – CEO

Royal Dutch Shell will not change but rather accelerate its strategy to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2030 as ordered by the Hague...
German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Merkel calls for international solidarity to achieve climate neutrality

National ambition and international solidarity were crucial in order to "make progress on the road towards climate neutrality," German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on...
Skoda Yeti Suv

German automotive sector sets 2050 carbon neutrality target date

The German automotive sector has set itself the target of carbon neutrality by the year 2050, the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)...

Carbon emission reduction could cost Germany about US$2.06 trillion until 2050

A reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of 95 percent until 2050 compared to the levels of 1990 could cost Germany about 1.85 trillion...
European Union

EU launches Climate Diplomacy Week

Mrs Diana Acconcia, the Ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Ghana, on Wednesday said her outfit will team up with government, to fight...
Our planet is about 4.6 billion years old. Separate continents began to form approximately 200 million years ago-(mya). Early stages of mankind emerged only 3-4 mya. Homo sapiens sapiens emerged only a few hundred thousand years ago. Our universe is constantly developing and changing.

Viewpoint: Is “Climate Change” Scientifically True or Just Culturally Popular?

I am posting a provocative article that challenges our society’s accepted cultural beliefs about climate change. Admittedly more analysis and discussion is required, but...

Early Mars didn’t have enough CO2 to keep water liquid

A new study based on data collected from a Mars rover indicated that the early Martian atmosphere did not contain enough carbon dioxide to...
S-Class with the CO2-based air conditioning system in the aeroacoustic wind tunnel in Sindelfingen, Germany

Mercedes-Benz wins CO2 air conditioning system award

The German consumer journal "Guter Rat" and the magazine "SUPERillu" have chosen the CO2 air conditioning system by Mercedes-Benz as the "2016 Sensible Innovation"....
Dealing with the hole in the ozone layer has been one of the most successful international science projects

Ozone Layer is on the road to recovery says UN Report

The Earth's protective ozone layer is well on track to recovery in the next few decades, thanks to concerted international action against ozone depleting...