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Back To Business: Peers Destroys Dunecs In One To Lift European Crown

On Saturday night Derby promoter Dan Gray presented his latest offering, the rather aptly named ‘Back to Business’, I say that because Gray narrowly...
Photographs courtesy of Brian Hayes

McGinnis Domineering Charge Finds Victory for Scots In Knockout Style

Airdrie is reputed to be the site of the battle of Aerderyth in 577 A.D. when Aidan, king of Scots, is said to have...
Photo: Dayle Gallagher in action against Daniel Bazo.

Gallagher Snatches PBC Title By Beating Bazo

There was a true feast of boxing action on offer Saturday night, both live and on TV, Billy Joe Saunders defending his WBO Crown...
Photos Courtesy of Joe Ibbotson

Khan and Newell’s Bout Puts Bradford on The Map of Boxing

The boxing scene in the North of England is really booming, especially around the cities of Leeds and Bradford. One of the main...

Malta Boxing Commission To Stage 5 International Events Before End Of Year

Malta Boxing Commission Vice President Gianluca Di Caro today announced that the fast growing International sanctioning division of the organisation recently received numerous requests...