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Women must be agents of change

The Reverend Lawrence Kwesi Tete, Minister-in-Charge of Grace Presbyterian Church, Tema community Eleven, on Wednesday urged women to take initiatives that will lead to...
Demonstrate Love

Demonstrate love always not just on Valentine’s Day

The Reverend Lawrence Kwesi Tete, the Minister in Charge of the Tema Community 11 Presbyterian Church of Ghana at the weekend called on Ghanaians...

Demonstrate God’s love to mark Valentine’s Day – Rev Tete

The Reverend Lawrence Kwesi Tete, Chairman of the Tema Zone Three Local Council of Churches, on Sunday asked the Christian society in Ghana to...

Ghanaian youth urged to avoid election violence

Reverend Lawrence Kwesi Tete, the Director, Ecumenical and Social Relations, Ga Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana has cautioned the youth to...

Don’t be afraid of death

Christians have been urged not to be afraid of death because it marks an important transition in their lives. Reverend Lawrence Kwesi Tete, Minister...

Grace Presbyterian Church fetes and screens Tema Community Six Sakasaka

Residents of Sakasaka a suburb of Tema Community Six on boxing day received free health screening from the congregants of the Grace Presbyterian...

Clouds of confusion over referendum – Clergy

The Reverend Lawrence Kwesi Tete the Minister in-charge of Grace Presbyterian Church Community Eleven has noted that there are clouds of confusion about the...

As Christians Let’s be United in This Season of Love

Reverend Lawrence Kwesi Tete, Minister in-charge, Presbytarian Church of Ghana, Grace Congregation in Tema Community 11, has charged Christians, ahead of the celebration of...