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Desertification control staff clear sand off the tracks on the Linhai–Ceke railway in Alashan League, north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Jan.15, 2020. Tang Zhe/People’s Daily Online

Inner Mongolia launches tree-planting campaign to tame desertification

By Wu Yong As temperature rises, more and more places are joining China’s afforestation efforts. This year, north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is tasked with...
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Ghana cedi begins to chase the U.S. dollar

Government’s announcement of fresh dollars into the economy to arrest the unbridled appreciation of the United States dollar has succeeded in redeeming some value...

Kenya to use virtual weigh bridges to tame rising road maintenance costs

Kenya plans to use virtual weigh bridges in major highways in order to tame the rising road maintenance costs and ensure a more regulated...

Helicopters sent in to tame raging fires

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) military on Friday sent two helicopters to help put out raging forest fire in the southwestern region of the country....

Ghana?s Parliament has potential to tame over exuberant Executive

By Franklin Cudjoe The English Author, Walter Bagehot once said ?An influential member of parliament has not only to pay much money to become such,...

Ghana MPs and their GMO tame Scientists

By Food Sovereignty Ghana Ghana?s MPs, USAID and its contractors, and their GMO tame scientists all remain committed to passing the Plant Breeders Bill and...