Termites are smarter than employees


Termites are known to build mounds and which is called termitoria or termite mound or ant hill. Termite mound is always associated with termites and termites alone are remembered when one see a termitoria. Termite-termitoria association conveys a strong corporate management message to the man.

One needs to know a little more about termites before one attempt to learn the management lesson. Termites can build the mound as big as 2-3 meter tall. Interestingly, the builders who built the mound – termites, are very tiny and small like an ant.

No nesting site/nest is as conclusive as that of termite mound one can easily associate with its owner- the termites, when sees.

In the true sense, every corporate is like a termitoria, built by many employees. When we compare the business space of such organizations, those who built such organization indeed are as tiny as termites.

Employees should ask to themselves the question that whether they really carry any recognition beyond the premises of the organization. Are they been looked upon as ‘the tiny bricks that built the organization’? Is there any corporate which is ‘known’ by its employees? Do corporate give sufficient opportunity to the employees also to grow while contributing to the growth of the organization?

Most corporate never even allow employees to become ‘famous’ and ‘popular’ outside the organization. Any such effort of people will be viewed seriously and described as ‘crime’. Employees those who work for the organization should never aspire to grow outside the space of the organization. This is the philosophy most corporate profess and follow. Organizations want the employees to integrate their growth with the growth of the organization and hence work only for the growth of the corporate.

Unfortunately, most employees also carry a strong conviction that one would grow only when the organization grow. Partly it may be true as the salary revision, increments, bonus and, other benefits are possible to the employees only when the organization grow. The truth is that the definition of ‘growth’ is understood only in ‘matrix of monetary’ terms.

The above incorrect definition or understanding only causes ‘havoc’ to people when they have to leave the organization. When they search for a job in other organization, they are nothing and have no name, fame or recognition. All they have to speak is about the salary they have drawn in the previous organization and what the salary expectation is.

If the hiring organizations carefully study the people as ‘what are they in their respective field of specialization’ only talents would be hired. Only talented employees could contribute to the organization. A truly talented employee not only contributes to the organization but also aspires to contribute to his career beyond the space of monetary benefits.

Termites are tiny creatures, but together, they build mounds. Indeed, termites are well recognized when one who see the mound. Even the predators of termites like ant eaters do come to the ‘mound’ only for the sake the termites.

Do employees join the corporate by looking at mighty size of the organization or for the career growth, one need to introspect?

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