The General Cause Of Cancer And The Path To Recovery

The General Cause Of Cancer And The Path To Recovery
The General Cause Of Cancer And The Path To Recovery

Source: Vladimir Garmatyuk

“Aristotle taught me to satisfy my mind only with what reasoning convinces me, and not only the authority of teachers. Such is the power of truth: you try to refute it, but your very attacks elevate it and give it great value.” (XVI century, Italian philosopher, physicist, and mathematician Galileo Galilei).

Some diseases are not treated with medicines, as they have a different nature and cause of occurrence. – One of these diseases is cancer. We’ll talk about this below.
But first of all, let’s say what medicine says about cancer today:

“The main drawback of modern methods of treating malignant tumors is the lack of the ability to distinguish sick cells from healthy ones.

Radiation and drug exposure kill not only cancerous but also normal cells of surrounding tissues and organs, which leads to serious side effects. At the same time, the cause of cancer itself has not been established by science and is not being eliminated!
The chances of temporary suspension of cancer can be significantly increased if medicine learns to selectively get rid of tumor cells.

But a complete victory over cancer will come only when they find out the cause and can get rid of its deadly influence.

What thoughts does medical science offer today?

One of her approaches is to artificially label cancer cells with specific antigens localized on the surface of cancer cells and “teach” the body’s immune system to recognize them. However, only a limited number of cancer cells can synthesize such antigens on themselves and in very small quantities. This significantly complicates their recognition by cells of the immune system (i.e. the sentence is a dead end). The proposed solution is very complicated and confusing, and the doctors themselves (to their decency) honestly admit that today’s guaranteed cancer treatment has no prospects.

«Misconceptions are sometimes such that their further construction requires more consideration and intelligence than the discovery of the Truth». (Claude Helvetius, French thinker, and philosopher of the XVIII century).

Science and medicine are fighting the consequence (the disease), not the cause of the disease. It’s like “shoveling incoming waves off the shore.”

Finding the cause of cancer and eliminating it means the end of the disease. If there is no

reason, there is no disease. Put out the fire under a boiling pot and the water in it will cool down.

Eliminate the cause of cancer and you will recover!

Here and now, let’s think, analyze, compare, and together discover the cause of oncological (tumor) diseases. «Everyone knows from childhood that this and that is impossible. But there is always an ignoramus who does not know this. That’s what he’s discovering». ( XX century, the outstanding theoretical physicist Albert Einstein).

What is already known and, what science says about cancer.

…The cell suddenly gets out of control of the body and begins to divide indefinitely, unhindered – and so a tumor arises (a shapeless pile of cells). The difficulty of treatment lies in the fact that, according to their biological characteristics, cancer cells differ little from healthy ones. They are resistant to drugs and have protective mechanisms that hide them from the control of the immune system.
Cancer cells are unmanageable cells.

They are native to the body, so the immune system does not recognize them as strangers and does not detect them. They are called unhealthy for one reason, they do not obey the commands of the body. – Why aren’t they listening? – Because they are in the “zones of energy emptiness”, the destroyed biological field of the body!

In every living healthy body, there are internal, controlling factors by nature that direct every cell (!) according to its strictly functional controlled path of normal growth and reproduction.

What “unknown” factors exist in medical science, that direct and control a cell in a living healthy body? – In fact, these natural forces have long been known to man. – These are the physical laws of the action of the magnetic field! They are used and successfully used in industry and life, but so far they have not been identified in medicine concerning humans.
Let’s take this knowledge now and apply it relative to a person.

Let’s recall an example known to everyone since childhood.

The compass needle is strictly aimed at the poles along the invisible lines of force of the Earth’s magnetic field. The arrow can be swung, but it will steadily return to its former strictly oriented direction. It is important to note that if you bring any metal object to the compass that violates the magnetic field lines, then the arrow goes out of control. – Many people have observed this.

In the same way, a cell in a healthy body gets out of control of the body when the healthy field structure of the physical body is disrupted from the inside!

Uncontrolled by the structural, informational biofield of the body, healthy cells begin to multiply randomly. The energy of cells, which is not in demand in the functional work of the body, is spent on uncontrolled disorganized division. The complex, multi-layered magnetic biological field of the body, which is created by the nervous (energy) network and “keeps individual cells in check”, can be destroyed.

From the school physics course, you can recall another simple experience. – A thin layer of metal filings is formlessly poured onto the surface of the glass. If a magnet is brought closer to the glass from below, then the sawdust immediately, in an organized manner, lines up along the invisible lines of force of the magnetic field. At the same time, not a single particle can deviate to the side as long as this field is not violated. The same law of physics applies to the physical body and all living human cells. – «In nature, everything is governed by immutable laws». (VI century BC, Pythagoras).

If the magnetic biofield of the body is destroyed, then the integral “field skeleton” (the skeleton of the body), consisting of a plexus of magnetic lines of force, is disrupted, and the field of information transmission is disrupted. Cells in the field voids lose orientation and control, they begin to divide endlessly uncontrollably and form a shapeless pile of “uncontrollable” matter in their mass. – This is how a tumor (cancer) arises.
The location of the tumor is determined by the principle – “where it is thin (the field), it breaks there.” Where the energy field is destroyed, chaos arises there, and cancer forms (neoplasm of disorganized cells).

Why are tumors accompanied by terrible pain? – Just as freezing water in a bottle tears apart the walls of a vessel, so uncontrollably growing cells tear apart living neighboring tissues of the body from the inside. That’s where the pain comes from.

The biological field of a person (ultimately, health) is greatly influenced by his thoughts. Endless doubts, resentments, envy, negative thoughts (acting primarily on oneself) – all these constant emotional and energy impulses destroy a healthy biofield.

Since ancient times, medicine has noticed the inextricable relationship between vicious character traits, mistakes, actions, and physical diseases of various organs.

Hidden (often from one’s consciousness), a deep moral and psychological illness from the thoughts of the patient destroys the human body at the level of its biofield and, among other things, changes the healthy genetic memory of DNA in offspring.

Therefore, your health and the health of your offspring need to learn to forgive. To forgive others the same way we easily forgive ourselves for our mistakes.

If the infection of a child occurred from a parent with impaired information in DNA memory, then the future child who inherited a genetically destroyed field is also at risk of cancer. In this case, it is much more difficult for a child to recover from cancer – it will be necessary to put his energy biofield in order.

It is known that people with high energy in a personal biofield (as a rule, they are highly spiritual and moral people), by their close presence during contact with a cancer patient, give him relief. They act as a soothing medicine, they put the patient’s field for a short time and strengthen it with their field. But only the person himself can exert a constant influence on his field – with his healthy thoughts.

A person is the best doctor for himself!

With the above-mentioned energetic void-field cause of cancer, an effective way to treat it can also be proposed. – It is necessary to restore the healthy state of the energy biofield lost by a person during his life.

This will not require any painful unpromising medical intervention, nor material costs. The restoration of a healthy biofield structure is carried out consciously. If there are no changes in the patient’s personality at the level of thought, then the cause that gave rise to cancer will not be eliminated (cells will continue to divide unorganized in the resulting energy voids of the body).

With age, with the weakening of immunity, from nervous exhaustion, and various diseases, the activity of brain cells decreases, the general protective energy weakens, and from this field, voids are more often formed in the biofield. Therefore, with age, people are more prone to cancer.

A thought – is “a current generator into the nervous (electrical) network of the body.”
Morality – is the “steering wheel” that chooses the right path to health.

Faith – creates a dense biological field of the body, and strengthens the immune system against diseases. The cells of the body in a strong biofield are meek, like “lambs in a flock” and “obedient”, like iron filings under a magnet.

Those patients who have been cured of cancer forever may remember that, having gone through experiences, and physical suffering, they were cured at the level of thought. – They have completely changed their former lives!

They got rid of the influence of what was destroying their field structure in the system. Thus, they restored their biologically healthy field. It was this circumstance that caused their recovery.

There are “wonderful” examples of self-healing by cancer patients in the last dying stage when they correctly understood the deep cause of their “illness”.

It took them to realize their mistakes and emotional stress.

As a result, a healthy worldview and a healthy, energetically dense biofield returned to the patient’s body (according to his firm desire to correct life and himself). The proverb says: «A healthy mind means a healthy body». (Firmly and biofield).

The above-mentioned brilliant thinker, scientist, and materialist Helvetius wrote: «Thinking and sensation are properties of matter that arose as its most complex formations. The human limited mind readily believes that relationships that it does not notice do not exist at all. To teach people, it is necessary either to offer them a new truth or to show them a relationship connecting truths that seemed disconnected to them».

For some, a kind teacher and a reliable guardian of their health will be the inner voice of conscience. For others who got lost in consciousness, destroyed themselves with unhealthy thoughts, and became energetically weakened from this – the disease will be the teacher.

P.S. So, the void-field cause of the occurrence and development of cancer has been named.
Maybe someone will say that this is not what it is, but they will not be able to offer anything else in return. He will only disabuse and weaken the health of the doubting patient.

«Well, look, now you will learn the whole truth: (“learned doctors”) they will inform you in Latin – (Filia tua morbus) that your daughter is ill». (XVII century, French comedian, and playwright Jean-Baptiste Moliere).

Not only spiritual and moral people have a strong biofield, but also their direct polar opposite, who may not have cancer, but other equally dangerous events and deadly diseases await them in their lives.

Cancer affects not only people but also animals. Because animals are the same as humans, living organisms with their biofields. I feel that animals, like people, hide and run away from danger, and those caught and put in a cage for laboratory experiments, experiencing constant oppression and fear, destroying the body at the field level, get cancer. Some animals, experiencing stress in captivity (in the zoo), do not reproduce and die.

The biofield underlies the life of all living organisms on Earth without exception. The field serves as the basic basis for transmitting information. Moreover, life on Earth cannot exist without a biofield.

Some will say that there are many causes of cancer. – In this case, they do not understand and confuse the cause with the effect (in many ways that led the patient to the disease).
There are countless ways to start the development of the disease, the destruction of the body’s biofield, as well as “stones on the thorny path of life”, which are easy to stumble over.

In doubt is the emptiness of the field. In doubt – weakness and cancer.
«Words are nothing, faith is everything». – «According to your faith, may you be».

There is a lot of ignorance in the world around us. People, following their fears, yield to the violence of evil, greed, selfishness, and ignorance, and from this they are constantly (!) in a depressed, oppressed state in their thoughts, thereby inclining themselves to destruction at the cellular level, energetically depleting their biological field.
It is predicted that in the 21st century, a cure for cancer will be found, that “cancer will be chained in iron chains.” – Into the “iron chains” of a strong energy biofield.


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