The vast difference between Fish and Meat


The first two food items that come to mind when protein is mentioned are fish and meat. Undoubtedly, these are the two most popular protein filled foods in the world. Aside their taste and nutritional benefits, fish and meat serve as good products for garnishing food. The presence of meat or fish makes food look appetizing and luxurious whiles it’s absence connotes hardship. Vegetarians aside, nearly everyone eats at least one or the other. However, there has been a long standing debate as to which is better. Today, let’s end this !!! Jumia Food, Africa’s leading online food delivery service dives deep into what each of them brings to the table that makes them great. Let’s chew!

Fish has significantly less saturated fat than meat. Saturated fat increases our chances of getting heart diseases. It has significantly more of what health experts call “good fats.” Certain types of unsaturated fats reduce our chances of getting heart diseases. One of such unsaturated fats found in fish is omega-3 fatty acid which helps reduce how much triglycerides we have in our blood by about 30%. This also reduces our risk of depression, arthritis,asthma and dementia.

Although meat is very tasty and juicy, it comes along with some serious health concerns as compared to fish. Even when we must eat meat, lean meat is better than red meat and it should be cooked well. As much as possible, fat should be trimmed from the meat and you should broil, grill or roast meat rather than fry or bread it. Both fish and meat are great sources of protein and iron. Both have a place in a healthy diet, but cutting down on red meat and increasing fish may improve your health. For this round, fish wins. Fish 1-0 Meat.

Eating meat can help increase satiety while boosting metabolism. It also increases and helps retain muscle mass. There are quite a good number of people who are totally against killing and eating meat completely. This may be due to religious reasons or just culture. Meat is generally more expensive than fish and environmentally, it seems fish farming is more friendly than animal farming. However, we also are aware of some of the negative ways some people do fish farming and this may be detrimental to our health if not properly cooked or treated.

About popularity and availability, meat seems to be the leader. Many people prefer meat to fish especially in Ghana. Think about fufu, kebabs, rice meals etc. Seldomly, you find people who prefer fish on these dishes but most of the time, meat wins. For this round, let’s give it to meat. Fish 1-1 Meat.

It takes more time to cook meat as compared to fish which means that certain nutrients may be lost. They are both used in similar meals and can be used as alternatives for one another. In the absence of fish, meat can be used and in the absence of meat, fish is just fine. The debate may continue forever and the comparisons may never end but one thing is for sure; Both are equally important. Just like every other food item,there advantages and disadvantages. There are amazing benefits and scary health pointers.

All in all, you decide what you eat and when you eat it. Just be careful and follow your doctor or nutritionists advice. Enjoy your fish and meat knowing that, there is no debate. There is no comparison. It’s just what it is. You decide what’s best for you.

Credit : Jumia Food

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