What Have We Learnt From The June 3rd Disaster?

Ghana National Fire Service

“Like joke like joke” the institutions mandated to ensure the safety of the people have once again skinned their teeth, sat down and allowed innocent precious Ghanaian lives to perish needlessly in yet another fatal accident at a gas filling station near Zenith College in Accra precisely close to the La Nkwatanan Municipal Assembly.

Ghana National Fire Service
Ghana National Fire Service

About 5 people have so far been reported dead and 48 others sustaining various degrees of injuries with some struggling to survive.

As if June 3rd never occurred in this country and the big big grammar that came from the mouths of those in responsible positions.

Typical of our state institutions, when their lackadaisical attitudes in enforcing regulations to ensure good safety standards is blatantly exposed by accidents and lives are lost, they rush to these scenes of accidents and promise swift investigations to cover their ineptitude.

In front of the cameras, they forcefully squeeze crocodile tears to show to the whole world that they care.

Liers, that’s what all of you are! Bow down your heads in shame! There is no iota of shame in you.

What didn’t we hear after June 3rd? You paraded yourselves to the place in turns like fresh recruits and lied to the whole world that June 3rd was going to serve as a painful reminder on you to always ensure that high safety standards are maintained at all filling stations.

What has changed since June 3rd? How many of the filling stations sited right in residential areas that you vowed to demolish have been demolished?

In fact, because you think the rest of us are all dumb except yourselves, you go about issuing permits for more stations to be built in total disrespect and disregard for the lives of the people in the communities that you grant these permits.

You think it is only the people who will keep dying. You think you will be first class citizens forever. Posterity will not be kind to you and the generations after you.

Continue to turn blind eyes on the registrations, bylaws and safety practices that are meant to keep the people safe and allow the miscreants to have a field day because of the cramps they drop on your desks everyday.

You will not live forever and that I can confidently guarantee you that. You will also die one day eventually no matter how long you live on this earth. You will die and after death will be a painful excruciating judgement for you.

War betide you if you don’t pass the judgment of the most high God and torrents of eternal fire shall be your portion.

How long shall we sit down for fuel and gas filling stations to devour our people?.

You are in leadership positions not to satisfy your selfish interest but to seek the welfare of the people on behalf of God the creator of all creations.

By: Mohammed Abdul Hanan,

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