Academic City University Introduces MSc in Cyber Security


The introduction of Academic City University College’s MSc in Cyber Security comes at a critical time when digital transformation is rapidly reshaping Africa’s economic landscape.

With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, there’s a pressing need for skilled professionals who can safeguard digital infrastructure and drive innovation securely. This program seems well-designed to address these challenges by providing students with advanced expertise in cyber security through a curriculum that emphasizes practical skills and hands-on training.

The statistics from ISC2 regarding the growth of the global cyber security workforce underscore the demand for such programs. The significant increase in cyber workforce size across regions, particularly in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific, highlights the importance of initiatives like Academic City’s MSc Cyber Security in meeting this growing demand.

Prof. Fred McBagonluri’s remarks emphasize the program’s contribution to empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in an increasingly digitized environment. By addressing the critical need for safeguarding sensitive information, the program not only contributes to economic growth but also enhances Africa’s attractiveness for investments.

David Gowu’s endorsement further validates the importance of cyber security expertise in today’s fast-evolving technological landscape. His emphasis on empowering employees with the necessary knowledge and skills reflects the program’s potential to equip professionals with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of cyber security threats.

Overall, Academic City’s MSc in Cyber Security appears to be a timely and valuable initiative that has the potential to make significant contributions to Africa’s digital resilience and future prosperity.

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