Captain Smart Exposes Africa’s Diplomatic Exploitation

Mapping Africa

Blessed Godsbrain Smart, better known as Captain Smart, the host of Onua Maakye, has expressed the view that the same diplomatic strategies historically used to exploit Africa are being leveraged by Western powers to take advantage of the continent once again.

He highlights that these tactics continue to be a means for the West to exploit Africa.

One pertinent example cited is the case of France, which has entered into agreements that, in his opinion, demonstrate a disregard for Africa’s welfare. Captain Smart portrays France as a nation with self-serving intentions, and he critiques President Macron’s approach, likening it to behavior lacking in empathy and sensitivity. He underscores that Africa’s interests appear to hold little significance to them.

He laments the fragmentation of Africa, asserting that it has been strategically divided in a manner that favors Western interests. This division is seen as contributing to a situation where Africa’s own priorities often take a backseat to those of external powers.

In the quest for a positive international image, Captain Smart asserts that despite efforts, African nations face challenges such as widespread hunger.

He questions the prevalence of uplifting stories about Ghana in global media outlets like CNN, implying that such stories are few and far between.

Captain Smart  critiques the manner in which the continent is divided to serve external interests and calls for a more balanced portrayal of Africa’s realities on the global stage.


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