Ruby has a vast estate in Pease just as she does in Accra

Nayele Ametefeh aka Ruby Adu Gyamfi aka Angel
Nayele Ametefeh aka Ruby Adu Gyamfi aka Angel

RESIDENTS OF Pease near Kuntenase in the Ashanti Region seem not to care about the arrest of a native of the town, Ruby Adu-Gyamfi aka ?Nayele Ametefeh? or ?Angel.?

Nayele Ametefeh
Nayele Ametefeh

Ruby was arrested three weeks ago in London for smuggling 12.5kg of cocaine after travelling on a British Airways flight from Accra.

She was put before Isleworth Crown Court last week where she pleaded guilty and awaiting sentence in the first week of January 2015.

On the day Ruby appeared before court, DAILY GUIDE dispatched a team to her hometown, Pease, but the residents disowned her saying she was on her own.

If accounts given by some residents of Pease where Ruby Adu Gyamfi hails from, is anything to go by, then the cocaine baroness doesn?t have the sympathy or support of her own people, despite her tall presence in the town.

Ruby has a vast estate in the town just as she does in Accra?with houses at Dzorwulu, East Legon and other parts of the national capital.

Most of the residents who spoke to DAILY GUIDE during the paper?s visit to the peaceful town on Thursday stated that the arrest of Ruby had nothing to do with them.

A top Member of Parliament (MP) from her home region is reported to have visited her East Legon residence in Accra to commiserate with the family upon her arrest.

?She should go to hell with her riches,? an angry-looking resident of Pease, who declined to give his identity for obvious reasons, shouted on top his voice when DAILY GUIDE asked him about Ruby?s arrest.

Another man who is over 70 years old told the paper that most residents of the town are poor so he was surprised that Ruby could not extend a helping hand to them.

A certain woman, who was returning from farm, said Ruby visited the town once in a blue moon, adding that she was always in flashy vehicles so one could hardly see her. ?I learnt she is beautiful,? she said.

According to the woman, she had not seen Ruby before. ?Her car glasses are always up so you could hardly see her. All I know is that she is very rich and pretty, that is all that I know,? the woman underscored.

A young man, who was met right in front of Ruby?s mansion, said the cocaine baroness enjoyed her riches alone so if she had been arrested ?then it is proper that she suffers her fate alone.?


Ruby Adu Gyamfi was arrested at the London Heathrow Airport trying to enter the United Kingdom with a 12.5kg of cocaine with street value of $5 million.

Her arrest had suddenly become a major topic for discussion in the country. Be it in the media, market place, lorry parks, churches, chop bars or any other place that one could think of, Ruby?s arrest is being discussed.

She reportedly used the VVIP wing of the Kotoka International Airport with the purported support of state officials. It was also rumoured that she had in her possession a diplomatic passport, even though she was reported to have travelled on an Austrian passport with the name Nayele Amatefeh.

Interestingly, during DAILY GUIDE?s visit on Thursday afternoon, Pease looked peaceful as the people were going about their legitimate normal businesses as if nothing had happened.

Ruby?s House

Ruby Adu Gyamfi?s house is located on the main road at the tail end of the town.

It looked as quiet as a cemetery as no movement of people was spotted in the magnificent-looking mansion.

The house is painted white with huge black gates and plated with gold crowns, which observers claimed stand for the crown of the Queen of England.

Ruby, the townsfolk said, usually organised mouth-watering parties in the house whenever she was in town.

They claimed that top people in society usually attended such parties with expensive vehicles.

One man said he always passed in front of Ruby?s house to his farm but he had not entered it before. ?This house was not built for poor people like me so how can I enter it?? he wondered.


Most of the people of the town refused to talk to DAILY GUIDE about Ruby?s arrest because they claimed that she is so powerful that they could land themselves in trouble for talking about her.

?Please I don?t want trouble; take your paper and pen away,? a man who was in pensive mood, told this reporter when he tried to solicit his opinion about Ruby?s arrest.

The man added, ?I learnt she is well connected to high personalities in the country so I don?t want to say anything about her that could result in my arrest. I know a lot about her but I won?t say it.?


A few people who mustered courage to talk to the paper, even refused to mention their names because they too were afraid that they might be hunted by top people in the country.

They, however, said that Ruby?s arrest had put the entire residents of Pease into shame. ?Our town is now in the news for a bad reason; we are being tagged as cocaine people and that is bad,? a lady who refused to disclose her name observed.

Phone Contacts

Meanwhile, reports in other local media indicate that the drug dealer did call the prominent politician from the Kotoka Airport when the cocaine luggage was ?safely? delivered to her and made another call when she arrived at the Heathrow Airport before the eagle-eyed security agents pounced on her.

The reports say she was carrying three mobile phones and four sim cards which contained a trove of information for investigators. It is believed these discoveries led to her early admission of guilt and readiness to carry the heavy load of imprisonment.

The records on one of her phones indicate that she made a telephone call to a very prominent Ghanaian politician on her arrival at the Kotoka International Airport for that fateful trip.

She called that same Ghanaian politician when the aircraft was about to take off and when it touched down at the Heathrow Airport.

The phone records also show that while on the aircraft, Ruby called a prominent Ghanaian businessman to indicate that all was well with her.

Video clips of Ruby and her extremely influential friends from the political stables have also been found on her phones. Some of the videos are said to be extremely compromising.


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