Ms Harriet N. Agyemang of SEND Ghana, a non-governmental organisation has urged focal persons (FPs) of the District Citizens Monitoring Committees (DCMC) under the People for Health Project (P4HP) to ensure that all success stories recorded in reports are verifiable.

She explained that in recent times, many donors had developed interest in the reports and follow-ups to verify the stories for adoption and publication.

Ms Agyemang was speaking at the first quarter meeting of FPs of the DCMC under the P4HP at Koforidua.

The P4HP is aimed at reducing inequalities in health delivery system in some selected districts in the country.

The five-year project is in its fourth year and is being implemented jointly by SEND Ghana, Ghana News Agency and Penbyteplus, a non-governmental organisation and funded by USAID.

Ms Agyemang advised that as the project was ending, it was important that all success stories were recorded and the capacity developed used to serve the people of Ghana.



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