My Afrikan brother in USA, why do you sweat so much in turning yourself into a perfect copy of the White man or the Arab or the Jew ?

Why do you continue to gladly destroy yourself with the bomb of self-ignorance, identity crisis, fragmentation and dependency which you are programmed to call ?progress, change, success? in the White man’s world?

Why do you find it so hard to accept and believe the historic fact that you are Afrikan man in life whose role in life is not to turn de-Afrikanize or keep yourself ignorant of and uprooted from the Power and Benefits of your Continental Afrikan Identity and Manhood in USA, Europe, Afrika , the Americas and all the world islands ?

All your today’s woes and genocide crisis are befalling you the Afrikan Man all over the world today in their great numbers, not because of your Black or charcoal Skin Color that you are not even .

It is not also because you are less intelligent than others.

It is not because you are a born slave or lazy or thief or evil or criminal who deserve to be bought and sold by the White man and the Arab, to be colonized, dominated, controlled , exploited, dehumanized and abused by others

But, simply because you have allowed other to cut you away from your Power and Right to be Afrikan from head to toe in life.

Just as the White man can never be a Black man, in the same way, trying to be like the White man can only make you more and more Foreignized , Westernized, Arabanized and Jewicized and less and less Afrikan in thoughts , words and deeds .

Just as a Tree, no matter how big or beautiful it might be, cannot live and fructify for the benefit of all lives, without its Roots , in the same way, without you living and prospering in tune to the limitless Power, Pride, Security and Dignity of your Continental Afrikan Manhood , you will end up becoming a firewood in the White man’s fire of life for his warmth and comfort and for your loss.

That is why, your Ancient Continental Afrikan male Ancestors, never forgot in life why men are happy to be men and not women and why women are proud to be women and not men and why their children are happy to be children and not adult and why you don’t see men behaving like women and women behaving like men and children behaving like adult

As the world’s first and oldest Men on Earth and Fathers of today’s world Males, your Ancient Afrikan Male Ancestors saw themselves as part and parcel of all lives on Earth including their Ancient Continental Afrikan Female Counterparts.

And as such, they strive to complement each other rather than perpetually fighting and competing against one another.

In this way, your Ancient Continental Afrikan Man lives in total peace and harmony with his Ancient Continental Afrikan Female Counterpart.

For, he knows, the Afrikan Man is zero without his Afrikan woman or women and vice-versa.

That is why, he is the first human being on Earth to know that a king must have a queen to be whole, complete and balanced.

Besides, because the Ancient Continental Afrikan Man sees himself as part and parcel of Creation or Life or Nature, he makes sure he treats everything in and around him as sacred.

Because he knows, anything done to any form of life comes back to him , hundredfold.

Hence, he treats Nature and all forms of life with respect and love as the surest and guaranteed way of getting back from them, the respect and love he deserves .

In addition, your Ancient Continental Afrikan accepts himself first and does not try to turn himself into something he is not because he knows he is Continental Afrikan Man as the world’s first and oldest Father, Grandfather, Husband, Brother, Uncle, Leader, Warrior, Care Taker, Protector, Priest and High Priest and so on Earth.

And because he knows he is a Continental Afrikan Man from head to toe, he accepts himself as a Continental Afrikan man as the surest and guaranteed way of accepting others .

And because he accepts himself he loves himself as a Continental Afrikan man as the surest and guaranteed way to love others .

And because, he loves himself, he makes sure nothing negative, evil, criminal or sinful comes near him let alone destroys any part of his Continental Afrikan Manhood he considers sacred, important and precious.

And instead, he makes sure only the Positive, Honest, Sincere, Useful, Enriching, Empowering Ideas, Thoughts, Words and Deeds are his daily Companion for life.

By keeping in this way, his Inside he considers the Holy Temple of the Creator AFRIKAMAWU, pure, clean, and balanced, your Ancient Continental Afrikan Man is able to live a life free from the hell of stress, fear, worry, anxiety, sickness, crime, evil, sin, suffering and death as the Divine Manifestation of AFRIKAMAWU on Earth.

And because he sees also himself as part and parcel of the Afrikan Woman, your Ancient Afrikan Man, knows, whatever, good or bad, he does against or for his Afrikan Women will come back to him thousand fold.

And because he wants only good to come to him, your Afrikan Man does only good to others .

In this way, he avoids offending, abusing, maltreating his Afrikan Women he considers sacred and divine for him to love, adore, cherish, strengthen, protect, defend and satisfy at all cost as the surest way of getting loved, adored, cherished, and supported by his Afrikan Women back .

That is why, your Ancient Afrikan Man is known all over the world as the world’s first and oldest Human Partner of the world’s first Women on Earth as the world’s first Mothers on Earth in Continental Afrika.

In the same way, because he sees himself as part and parcel of his Ancient/Traditional Afrika Community, Nation, Kingdom, Empire and Race, he makes sure he plays his role not only as the breadwinner of the family.

But also as the protector and defender of the lives , rights and well-being of all the members of his community.

For, he knows he can only use whatever strength, power and special talent he has to make life better for himself and others and never to use them to destroy life or in making life miserable for others.

And because, he lives and prospers in a society where each is his/her fellow’s keeper, it becomes as natural for him to be good to himself and others as breathing air.

And also because, everybody watches over everybody as the world’s best insurance and security against any member of the society going rotten or astray .

That is why, your Ancient Afrikan Culture and the Societies it gave birth to have no need for crimes, guns, police, army , prisons , lockers on the doors and banks as we know them today.

In the same way , with regard to children, your Ancient Continental Afrikan also knows it is their Divine Right, Duty, Responsibility and Mission on Earth to pull their resources together in looking after their children as Job Number for all to focus as top priority for the benefit of all .

As the world’s First Husbands, Grandparents or Elders, your Afrikan Men know they hold PhD of Wisdom from the University of Life.

And because they have been to where their Children/Youth are now going, they know they possess practical information, knowledge , skills, expertise and wisdom which are not book-or classroom-based but Life-based and oriented.

Hence, they know, the more they are able to share their life Wisdom and Experience in life with their Afrika Children/Youth, the more they will learn, know and master all the Secret Science, Technology and Art of Total Successful living and Fulfillment .

Also, because, they know, without better, well-prepared Children/Youth to take their places in Society after they are gone, they will be zero, without any responsible Youth to keep their good names and memories alive and thereby ensure their immortality after their earth’s Life Mission is done or accomplished .

Hence, to guide, train, teach, protect, defend and satisfy the needs of their Afrika Children/Youth are considered Job Number One for all your Ancient Continental Afrikan Men to undertake seriously and without fail for the good of all .

Not career. Not hunting. Not living or dying for I-ME-MYSELF philosophy of life, But for their Community which is their Children/Youth, Women and Men.

As highly qualified and experienced Life Experts, Consultants, Advisors, Guides, Positive Role Models, Inspirers, Motivators of their Children/Youth and their Families, your Ancient Continental Afrikan Men also how to teach their Children/Youth how to respect authorities, listen to their elders and learn from them how to avoid the mistakes they had committed while growing old and how to live as honest, sincere, trustworthy, caring, sharing and good Afrikans for the benefit of all lives on Earth.

Hence, Children/Youth gladly, willingly and proudly respect, listen and learn from their elders not because of fear but because, early in life, they learn and know that, it is good to be good in life and that it pays to be good by listening and following the advice of their elders .

That, it is good business or habit for them to respect and listen to those who are one hundred percent committed to their total success in life.

That, to respect and listen to their elders is to gain access to their wealth of priceless knowledge and wisdom they need to be wise, productive, and trouble-free citizens of tomorrow.

Hence for you my Afrikan brother in USA to know and practise daily the above Ancient Continental Afrikan Secrets and Principles of life is to become a reborn and awakened Continental Afrikan man again in life.

To master and apply daily the above Ancient Afrikan Recipe for Total Successful Living is to be free forever from the shame and insults of allowing the White man to reduce you to the zero of all zeros on Earth.

Why? Because, the White man is unconsciously afraid of you as his long ago Father, Grandfather, Uncle and Brother he learns to forget and break away from after he got all that he needs and wants from you to turn himself into who and what he is today.

He knows, sooner or later, you will know your only Continental Afrikan Truth that will set you free from his present hold over you.

He knows, it does not matter how long and how much he is able to keep you away from your Forgotten Afrikacentric Truth, sooner or later, the might and light of your Ancient Continental Afrikan Truth will dawn on you to set you free, once and for all, from the Hell of pretending to be who and what you are not.

Once you are brave enough to learn, know and master the taboo Truth that you are Afrikan Man no matter where you are .

That, there is no need for you to turn yourself into the photocopy of the White man before you can be somebody or success in life.

That, there is nothing basically wrong with you.
That, you are not the Continental Afrikan Man you used to be not because you are less a man or

less intelligent or
because you are ?Black? or
because of your skin color but
because you are afraid to be the proud, noble and trustworthy

Continental Afrikan Man,
you will do what it takes to become yourself again as

the world’s first Human Pillar for all lives to lean on for all the Protection, Security, Justice, Love and Happiness they need in life.

By COPYRIGHT (2012) Prof Afrikadzata Deku, Docteur d’Etat, PhD; *Doctorat d’Etat (Ph.D.) * D.E.S.S. (M. Phil) * Diplome De L’ I.I.A.P.(Post-Grad. Dipl.) * M.Sc. * BA. Double Majors *

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By: Prof Afrikadzata Deku.

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