My Afrikan sisters in USA, why such an eternal obsession on your part to, consciously or unconsciously turn yourselves into a photocopy of the White woman you are programmed to emulate from head to toe without the least knowledge of the graves you have been digging for yourselves in life?

Why continue to exchange the Heaven of your Glorious Continental Afrikan Womanhood as the world’s first , Sacred and Holy Woman and Mother of Humanity with the Hell, the insult, the disgrace , the curse and the genocide of turning your AfrikaWomanhood and AfrikaPersonality into photocopies of the White Woman ?

Why continue to accept and believe in the White man’s lie that for you to be accepted and recognized as modern, educated, rich , fashionable, sophisticated and successful women in life and the equal of the White man and White woman, you must bear the White woman’s name instead of your own Afrikan name, dress like the White woman’s instead of dressing Afrikan, have the White woman’s hairstyles instead of your own Afrikan hairstyles, be educated like the White woman instead of being educated the Afrikan Way, think like the White woman instead of thinking Afrikan, look at the world and life with the White woman’s eyes or perspective instead of with your own Afrika Eyes or Perspective, eat like the White woman, work like White woman, have fewer and fewer children like the White woman, raise your children like the White woman, get married the White woman way, divorce you an at will, fight and compete perpetually against your man as your rival and adversary to be cautious of, watch over, neutralize, and achieve total parity with instead of your Afrika Way of complementing your Husbands and living for your Children First instead of living for things first.

My Afrikan sisters in USA, the more you try to become less and less Afrikan Woman , the more de-Afrikanized, Westernized , uprooted and disconnected you turn yourselves into.

The more you try to become what and who you are not, the more disappointed, frustrated , stressful and confused you become in life.

Just as a lioness can only be a lioness anywhere and everywhere and not an elephant, a bird or tree or fish , in the same way, you can only be Afrikan no matter where you find yourselves.

So instead of continuing to turn yourselves into a photocopy or caricature of the white woman without your least knowledge of it, the time has come for you to know that you do not need to turn yourselves into the White woman to be whole, complete and successful in life .

Just as it is perfectly safe, normal, natural and right for the Chinese American woman , the Japanese American woman , the Jewish American woman, the Irish American women, the Italian American woman etc in USA to be themselves and see no need in turning themselves into photocopies of anybody, in the same way, the time has come for you to claim and enjoy the power and benefits of your AfrikaWomanhood from head to toe .

All because, long, long and long ago, before today’s White woman, you were the world’s first and oldest Woman on Earth and Mother of all of today’s human beings.

Three million years ago in Ancient Term and Ten thousand years ago in Modern Term, you reigned supreme on Earth in Continental Afrika as the world’s first Continental Afrika-based Female Divine Supreme Being, loved, respected, revered and worshipped all over the world as the world’s First Mother Goddess of the Universe.

For Three million years in Ancient Term and Ten thousand years in modern Term , you my Afrikan Woman/Mother Goddess of the Universe had no equal in the History of Humanity as you manifested and revealed yourself to Ancient Afrikan Ethiopians, Ancient Afrikan Nubians and Ancient Afrikan Egyptians as the world Mother Goddess of Fertility known as Mama EZI corrupted as (Isis).

In Ancient China, you were praised , revered and honored as the world Moon Goddess know as Chango.

In Ancient Rome, you were worshipped as the world Goddess of the Moon and Hunting known as DIANA.

In Ancient India, you were hailed as the world Goddess of Prosperity known as LAKSHMI.

In Traditional Afrika, you were revered as the world Goddess of Niger River known as OYA.

In Ancient Samaria, you were worshipped as the world Moon Goddess known as INNAN or Queen of Heaven.

In Ancient Tibet, you were venerated as the world Goddess of Mercy known as TARA.

In Ancient Mesopotamia, you were worshipped as Goddess MADONNA.

In the Ancient slave world, you were revered as the world Guardian Goddess known as ZORYA.

And to the Aboriginal world and people, you were hailed as the world Sister Goddess known as WAWALAK.

But to the rest of humanity , you were simply worshipped as Goddess Earth or Mother Earth.

In other words, you my Afrikan woman in USA and Europe need not envy the White woman for who and what she is.

For without you the Afrikan woman, there will not be a White woman for you to become addicted to today.

Without you, the Ancient Continental Afrikan Woman as the world Mother or the Mother of Humanity, there will not be Humanity as we know it today.

This means, the White woman is your creation or your version and as such there is no need for you to prefer the version to you the Original in life .

First because, it is a historic fact that the White woman of the Ancient Western/White world came out of Afrika to settle with her families in Ancient North Afrika and from there, some of them migrated to Ancient Middle East, Ancient Europe and to Ancient Asia and back to Ancient Americas .

Secondly, up till the advent of what we call today the White woman on the world five hundred years ago in Modern Term and 2,000 years in Ancient Term, the White woman were nothing but Ancient Afrikan woman outside her new Out of Afrika New worlds and Environments .

This means, you my Afrikan woman, wherever you are, are Three million years older than the White woman.

At the time when you were reigning supreme as the world’s First Mother Goddess of all world Goddesses, the world’s first Queens of all Queens, the world’s first Woman Pharaohs of all Women Pharaohs and the world’s first High Priestesses of all high priestesses , etc there were no white woman , no Arab woman and no Jewish woman for you to emulate, take advice from or to be dominated, controlled and influenced by let alone turn yourself into their photocopies as you are doing today .

This means, as the world’s first Woman of all women, the world’s Holy Virgin Mother of all Virgin mothers, the world’s first Lady of all ladies, the world’s first Mother of all mothers, the world’s first Goddess of all goddesses, the world’s first Grand-mother of all grand-mothers, the world’s first Aunt of all aunts, the world’s first Sister of all sisters, the world’s first Daughter of all daughters etc created in the Holy and Perfect Image of your Creator AFRIKAMAWU, you, my Afrikan Sister in USA, have everything you need and want in life to radiate your Eternal Light on Earth as the Continental Afrikan Woman you are destined to be in life.

If you could be yourself in the past as a proud Afrikan Woman and the world’s first Mother of Humanity , you can do it again once you know who and what you are not and who and what you truly are in life which is Afrikan Woman in USA, Europe, Afrika and the Americas , Australia, New Zealand and all over the Islands .

You have zealously and gladly turned yourself into the perfect photocopy of today’s White woman not because she is more beautiful or civilized or richer than you .

But because, you have been programmed by the White man for 400 years to believe and accept his lie that his White woman is all you need to become in order to be accepted and recognized in life as ? his equal, modern, successful, and fashionable.?

And also, because you were uprooted from the power, pride and dignity of knowing you are Afrikan Woman from head to toe and which automatically and naturally makes you the World’s First Woman , Goddess and Mother of Humanity .

That is why, you can now prefer the chaff of who and what you are not to the Grain of who and what you truly are in life which is Afrikan Woman to be proud of and honor for life .

Hence, to know, you are the Mother of Humanity and the Goddess of the Universe, is to know how to begin to accept, love and respect yourself as a Continental Afrikan Woman whose ways of life are different and diametrically opposed to the White woman’s ways of life.

In this way , you will no longer turn yourself into the photocopy of the white woman but live and prosper as Proud Afrikan Woman from head to toe as you did in the past.

So, instead of continuing to repress, reject, deny, resist and ignore the taboo Fact and Truth that you are Afrikan Woman who must live, think, talk and act as such, , the time has come for you to know and embrace , once and for all , your forgotten but not lost Power of your Continental Afrikan Womanhood for you to become the Original, Authentic and Natural Afrikan Woman and Mother of Humanity again .

For, to be Afrikan Woman is to discover, know, master and live daily in tune to your forgotten Eternal Ancient Principles of life that make you see yourself as part and parcel of your Afrikan Man rather than as your Adversary, Rival or Enemy you must perpetually fight, compete against, outshine, outdo, humiliate or bluff.

Hence, only as a true Afrikan woman, you will know that the Afrikan man and woman are here to complement, support, help, strengthen, love, appreciate, enjoy, protect, defend and satisfy the needs and wants of each other in life.

Likewise, only as a true Continental Afrikan woman you will also know that your Family in life is more than you, your husband and children but the entire Community where you can only be guaranteed all the total Afrikan love, support, guidance, and protection you need to succeed as the Mother of all Mothers on Earth.

This means, no other concepts and practices of womanhood on Earth can teach you the limitless power of your own Ancient Continental Afrikan Concept and Practice of your own AfrikaWomanhood and Divinity .

Only the recovery of your true Continental Afrikan Womanhood and Saintity, Holiness, Sacredness , Pride, Dignity and Respect will enable you to know and accept Children in life as a Blessing and Divine gift from the Creator AFRIKAMAWU to you to gladly accept, honor and be proud of and not to run away from as a burden or obstacle to your career in life .

Hence, as a True Reborn and Awakened Afrikan Woman, you will know once and for all that , to have as many children your Body can handle , the more blessed you will become.

Instead of running away from them in favor of your career or personal comfort, you know the world’s first and oldest Human Career, Vocation or Mission or Job on Earth is the blessing, the pride and the dignity of a Motherhood and not how many bank accounts , houses, cars, dresses or degrees or positions you have in life.

Hence, to live and die for your Afrika Children considered the greatest gift, honor, and joy on Earth, is to become a Whole Afrika Woman again and totally free from the Hell of perpetual tension, stress, struggling, fear, worry, anxiety etc . of Things first ways of life and being

As a true Afrikan Woman who is no longer ashamed or ignorant to live , prosper and enjoy life as Afrikan from head to toe, you will no longer end up like the 99% of the White women who make the mistake of preferring Career to having Families, Children and Marriage only to end up wishing or desperate for children at the peak of their career when they realize that nothing in life can replace their own families, children and sharing in life .

Also as a true Afrikan woman, you know marriage is a sacred thing in which divorce is unknown or unnecessary because you are not alone in your marriage but you have the guaranteed trust, love, guidance, support and protection of the entire Afrika Community behind you and on which you can count always.

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