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Somalia soldiers

Qatar assists Somalia with military aid

Qatar's Ministry of Defense on Thursday offered military aid to Somalia in support of security and stability in the country. In a statement, the ministry...
Pakistani cadets march during a rehearsal for the upcoming Pakistan Day celebrations in southwest Pakistan's Quetta on March 22, 2015. On March 23, 1940, the historic Pakistan Resolution was adopted in the eastern city of Lahore, which led to creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims of the Indian Subcontinent. (Xinhua/Irfan)

Pakistan considers Saudi request for military assistance

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif told the parliament on Tuesday that Pakistan will respond to a request for military assistance by Saudi Arabia after the...

US supports Egypt with Military aid to strengthen regional ties

by Mahmoud Fouly The United States has decided to release its annual military aid to Egypt to secure its interests in the Middle East...
German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel To Face Germany’s Parliament

Germany's parliament will debate Chancellor Angela Merkel's plan to supply Iraqi Kurds with military equipment to fight the Islamist State, pro-Merkel legislators tell dpa. With...