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cooking oil

Zambian government authorizes importation of refined cooking oil

The Zambian government has authorized the importation of 9,000 tons of refined cooking oil to ease the shortage of the commodity in the country,...
Wildlife migration

Zambia to overhaul wildlife law

The Zambian government has started the process of reviewing the country's law governing the wildlife sector in order to align it to the socio-economic...
LUSAKA, March 18, 2020 (Xinhua) -- Chitalu Chilufya (C), Zambian Minister of Health addresses the press in Lusaka, capital of Zambia, March 17, 2020. The Zambian government announced Tuesday that it was closing all schools in view of the COVID-19 outbreak. Although Zambia has not recorded any COVID-19 case, the government has heightened its preparedness and surveillance against the COVID-19. (Xinhua)

Zambia to revise COVID-19 surveillance guidelines

The Zambian government said Tuesday that it was working on revised points of entry surveillance guidelines in hopes of preventing the importation of COVID-19...
An African lion cub frolics at Qingdao Forest Wildlife World in Qingdao, east China's Shandong Province, Sept. 26, 2015. Seven manchurian tiger cubs and four African lion cubs here, all of which are three months old, met with the press recently. (Xinhua/Yu Fangping) (lfj)

Zambia hails cooperating partners for support in wildlife conservation

The Zambian government on Sunday commended cooperating partners over their support for the country's efforts to conserve its wildlife. Minister of Tourism and Arts Ronald...
COVID 19 vaccine

Zambia refutes reports of inadequate storage facilities for COVID-19 vaccine

The Zambian government on Thursday denied the report that the country does not have adequate storage facilities for the COVID-19 vaccines. Minister...

Zambian government says committed to building resilient development agenda

The Zambian government said on Friday that it was committed to exploring new frontiers aimed at building a resilient development agenda. Minister...
Covid Vaccine

Zambia pursuing two COVID-19 vaccine options

The Zambian government said on Friday that it was currently pursuing two avenues from where to acquire the COVID-19 vaccine. Minister of...
China's central bank injected 55 billion yuan (US$8.3 billion) into the money market on Tuesday to ease a liquidity strain. [Photo/Xinhua]

Zambian dairy farming longs for Chinese investors

Zambia Chingola's Muchinshi Dairy Cooperative has commended the Zambian government for its plans to market the agriculture sector to Chinese investors. Morgan...
Covid Vaccine

Zambia makes strides in determining immunology of COVID-19 vaccine campaign

The Zambian government said on Monday that preparatory work on genomic sequencing concerning the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine has reached an advanced stage. ...

Experts call for amendment of Zambia mines law to maximize benefits

The Zambian government should amend the law governing the mining sector in order to ensure citizens benefit more from the sector, a local think-tank...

Zambian government urged to do more on health ministry scandal

While the recent scandal in Zambia's health ministry where unsafe condoms and other essential medicines were distributed to health facilities has resulted in the...
Zambian President Edgar Lungu delivers a speech at the launch of blueberry export to China in Chongwe, Zambia, on Nov. 13, 2020. Zambia on Friday flagged off its inaugural export of fresh blueberries to China, becoming the first country in southern Africa to enter the huge Chinese market. (Photo by Martin Mbangweta/Xinhua)

Zambian government denies reports of planning to introduce national dress code

The Zambian government on Thursday refuted reports that it plans to introduce a national dress code. Ministry of National Guidance and Religious...

Zambian government to avail report on procurement, administration of COVID-19 vaccine

Zambia's health ministry said on Wednesday that a detailed report over the procurement and administration of the COVID-19 vaccine will be made available next...
New measles vaccine

Zambia establishes roadmap on administration of COVID-19 vaccine

The Zambian government said on Monday that it has put in place an implementation pathway for the smooth administration of the COVID-19 vaccine. ...

Zambian government says VAT zero-rating averts fuel price increase

The Zambian government said on Tuesday that the decision to zero-rate value-added tax on fuel has averted a price increase of the commodity. ...
A woman takes care of tomatoes at a “digital farm” in southwest China’s Chongqing municipality, March 5. Liangping district of the municipality has achieved smart agricultural production by applying technologies such as agricultural internet of things and big data. By Liu Hui, People’s Daily Online

Zambia urged to learn Chinese technology for sustainable agricultural industry

The Zambian government has been urged to tap into Chinese agricultural technology to strengthen Zambia's economic growth and help sustain the agriculture diversification policy...

Zambia launches blueprints to enhance access to information

The Zambian government on Monday launched two communication policies aimed at resolving and widening access to information and promoting a diverse media landscape. The...

Zambia expands COVID-19 testing facilities

The Zambian government said on Tuesday that it is expanding the number of testing centers across the country in order to determine the...

Zambian government official in southern province invites Chinese investments

A government official in Choma district, a town which is the capital of the Southern Province of Zambia, on Friday invited Chinese investments to...

CCEC commended on works on Zambia’s water system

Zambian government on Saturday said it was impressed with China National Complete Engineering Company (CCEC), a Chinese enterprise currently building the Kafulafuta water reticulation...

Zambia gets tough on mineral export declarations

The Zambian government said on Wednesday that it will not accept mineral samples from exporters of minerals from July 1 in order to address...
Tourism, Beach, Africa,

Zambian government upbeat on tourism recovery due to easing of COVID-19 restrictions

A senior Zambian government on Monday expressed optimism that the tourism industry will bounce back following the easing of restrictions due to the COVID-19...

Zambia to start paying retirement benefits next Monday

Former government workers, who have been waiting for their benefits for years, will start receiving money next week, a senior Zambian government official said...

Zambia needs to spur investment in mining sector in post-COVID-19 era

The Zambian government has been urged to institute a fiscal regime that will respond to the prevailing times and attract greater investment in order...

Zambian government responds to deal with foreign firm on gold mining

The Zambian government on Sunday dispelled assertions that it was only interested in giving foreign firms licenses for gold mining in the country. ...
People run out of a building due to a fire in Johannesburg, South Africa, April 16, 2020. (Photo by Yeshiel/Xinhua)

Zambia repatriates citizens stranded in South Africa

The Zambian government on Saturday began the process of repatriating its citizens stranded in South Africa. The Zambian embassy in South Africa...

Chinese firm helps Zambia’s efforts in fighting COVID-19

United Trillion Zambia Limited, a Chinese company, said the private sector should show commitment to help the Zambian government in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. ...
gold mining

EU funds Zambia to boost gold mining

The Zambian government on Thursday received gold mining equipment funded by the European Union (EU) to improve gold mining. The equipment, including...

Zambian cabinet praised for approval of NGO law

A consortium of civil society organizations on Thursday commended the Zambian government for approving in principle the repeal and replacement of the Non-Governmental Organization...
Edgar Lungu

Zambian official says complete lockdown catastrophe to economy

A Zambian government official has said that a complete lockdown of the country will have catastrophic effects on the economy, local media said Wednesday. ...