We have thrown away our cherished moral standards

Ghanaians Have abandoned the good moral standards we cherished


The Ghana I knew Dur¬ing my Middle School, O’ Level, A’ Level days, is not the sa¬me Ghana I see today. The Ghana that was patriotic and Unite¬d. The Ghana that ai¬red useful TV progra¬ms like, BY THE FIRE SIDE, KYE KYE KULE, that sought to educ¬ate our children abo¬ut our cultural valu¬es, good virtues, mo¬ral standards, our history and heritage etc. Teen Cartoons like CAPTAIN PLANET and others that sought to teach about bad effect of pollution and saving our envi¬ronments etc, were aired. Drama or movies that touched on our history, culture, religious beliefs and marriage were prom¬oted to preserve our rich culture and he¬ritage.

The Ghana that rever¬ed the Clergy, respe¬cted the elderly and loved her children. Even Foreign Teleno¬velas aired, were on¬es that had direct coloration with our national experience and highlighted on ef¬fects of things such as slavery; An exam¬ple is, “Escrava Isa¬ura – The Slave Girl¬”. By this, Families watched TV programs together. Our Natio¬nal Anthem was sang with honour, national pledge recited with devotion and our Flag was lifted high with pride.

Patriotic songs were sang wholeheartedly. Our assets and res¬ources were properly managed without sel¬f-seeking attributes. Our songs (such as High-Life), were au¬thentic and Ghanaian; They were songs th¬at contained oral li¬terature, Proverbs, Admonition, Encourag¬ement, Godly counsel, Love and Wise sayi¬ngs. Our cultural da¬nce, exceptional and unique.

Our educational stan¬dards pivoted on our unique identity and our schools had no choice but ensure di-scipline and was obl¬iged to bring out the best in regards to all aspects of our endeavour as a Natio¬n. Be it in Sports, Academia, Arts & Cul¬tural or History. All done with distinct perfection.

Sadly, We have rejec¬ted and abandoned the good moral standar¬ds (our forefathers taught, and laid dow¬n) for that which is cheep and rotten. We have given away al¬most everything we treasured. Family set¬tings is broken, mor¬ality has been left to decay, pushed asi¬de and shelved under the carpet, Men of God are no more reve¬red; in fact church (or religious leader¬s) are heard but not listened to, young ones don’t respect the elderly as comman¬ded by God in the Ho¬ly Scriptures (Prove¬rbs 20:20, Ephesians 6:13, Colossians 3:¬20, Exodus 20:12).

Some of the elderly, (leaders / parents) have become irresp¬onsible, unconcerned and brutally wicked (Titus 2:2-4/ Colos¬sians 3:21), peace and safety is under siege, vices are prom¬oted and applauded. Love for money and fame at all cost, has become the order of the day and many are inflicted and affl¬icted with many many sorrows.

The Truth is no more upheld nor celebrat¬ed, lying has become so viral (John 8:44) and SIN is perpetu¬ated in an alarming proportion and nothi¬ng is seen wrong abo¬ut immorality, and nothing, is being done about it. One can’t glance at a news stands because of imm¬oral contents freely displayed. The Adve¬nt of Social Media has perpetuated and worsen this societal challenge to a Garga¬ntuan proportion. Li¬ke a wild fire, it spares no victim.

Corruption has been the most evasive per¬ilous pestilence with almost no pragmatic cure. For more than decades now, it has succeeded in eating into almost every fibre of our society in a distasteful ma¬nner. Regrettably, almost all efforts at curbing it has been met with some form of rhetorics or fier¬ce but swift defence and justifications. Especially, by close beneficiaries, ass¬ociates and accompli¬ces who show no sign of sympathy, mercy or remorse at the le¬vel at which it is hurting and destroying our beautiful Moth¬er Land; the once fa¬mous GOLD COAST.

But the fight to res¬tore our heritage, wealth, values and vi¬rtues still rages on. We look to the old Rugged Cross and say to ourselves, there is still hope and we will win in the end because the battle is still the LORD’-S. The way forward is “SANKOFA”; The term that resonates with the need to go back for the best of the past. We’ve done it before and can do it again as a Nation. SO HELP US GOD.

by Apostle Godsway Vince¬nt Nunyuie Kodjo Man¬te., Abokobi ACCRA. 0244453419/02644534¬19
Facebook: Osomafo Godsway Vincent Mante.

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