10 facts about masturbation


10 facts about masturbation

On average, people who masturbate more tend to live longer and healthier lives

People of all ages masturbate. Guys masturbate, and girls do it, too. Single people and people in relationships do it. Some people masturbate a few times a day, some do it a few times a year, and some don?t do it at all.

The average male orgasm during maturbation lasts for 6 seconds while the average female orgasm lasts for 23

But the truth is, masturbation is a safe and healthy way to have sex, and it?s here to stay.

Masturbation is not emotionally or physically harmful in any way. In fact, it has a number of physical and mental health benefits ? here are just a few:

Masturbation releases stress and physical tension. Many people masturbate to relax, and it can help some people fall asleep.
Orgasms ? whether they?re from masturbation or sex with a partner ? can act as a natural painkiller. Some women masturbate to
relieve menstrual cramps. Research has also shown that orgasms may even prevent endometriosis, a disease of the uterine
One study found that frequent ejaculation from masturbating may reduce a man?s chances of developing prostate cancer.
Plus, solo sex is the ultimate form of safer sex ? there is no risk of pregnancy or infection

Another truth is that it?s safe and healthy for a girl to masturbate (or have other kinds of sex) when she has her period. Some women masturbate during menstruation to relieve menstrual cramps.
If a woman is using a tampon, she should remove it before insertive masturbation. Otherwise the tampon and its string could get pushed up too deep in the vagina for the woman to get it out herself.

The truth is that masturbation is a perfectly healthy activity at any age. Babies explore their bodies and learn quickly that touching their sex organs feels good. It?s not at all unusual for young children to masturbate. Often parents will stop them from doing it in front of other people, but many children continue to masturbate on their own. In fact, experts recommend that parents teach children that it?s normal for people to touch their sex organs for pleasure ? but that it should be done in private.

According to the experts (the American Psychiatric Association), it?s only when masturbation gets in the way of daily activities ? like going to school or work, or meeting friends ? that it would be considered ?too much.? And not many people have that problem.
Also, some people worry that masturbating frequently will affect a girl?s ability to get pregnant or a guy?s ability to produce sperm. It doesn?t.
Some people masturbate daily or more than once a day, some people masturbate once in a while, and some people never masturbate.

Some people think that it?s OK for guys to masturbate or have other kinds of sex, but that girls shouldn?t. Unfortunately, our society is often more comfortable with men expressing their sexuality than with women, so many girls are taught not to masturbate ? or not to admit to doing it. But the truth is, girls and women do masturbate, and there?s no reason why they shouldn?t. In fact, one study showed that women who masturbate have higher self-esteem than those who don?t.

It is not possible to get pregnant just by masturbating.

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