Embassy Restaurant
Embassy Restaurant
Embassy Restaurant
Embassy Restaurant

Please be on Stand-bye for the showdown on Monday July 21, and let?s see where this leads us.

It was 2010 when I made my one-man demonstration against ECG in Legon with the rotten food in the bag, and JOY-FM picked it up and then VP Mahama made some promises about electricity and so forth with PURC.

Nothing has changed.

Since then, on my return to the US I have decided I cannot live in Ghana and have my American citizenship; and as much as I am proud of it, half my heart is still for Ghana. Over the last ten or more years I invested money to set up a business to employ people. Everywhere I turn it becomes next to impossible to get any return on investment.??Recently one young man partnered with me to enhance Embassy Restaurant and he has put in over Ghc32,000 at my last count. I think the money may even by a loan and Restaurant was his passion.??As of now I have invested over $500,000 in Ghana, mostly in real estate and businesses, a good percentage of which was paid as duties and taxes to government during shipment of material and vehicles and accessories. I cannot even get reliable supply of electricity and water despite large generators I have purchased 4 of them in the last ten years. What the heck is wrong with us as a people!!

Please don?t get me wrong. Every government has the duty to collect taxes. Taxes are the revenue for every government and over the years since the time of Col. Acheampong in the 1970s, I have advised government in writing how to name streets and number house to facilitate business development through computerization and database creation. I have even made presentations to the Lands Department Management. The AMA has refused over the years to provide what citizens need and for which they pay taxes. What is wrong with our governance system? In the modern day!

I am tired and refuse to pay the registration AMA is asking for.

I am prepared to meet them in court. However, if?on Monday?they try to use any force, it will be a major show-down. The building is my House and I have employees and a security guard.??If there is any unauthorized entry, or anybody dare touch my property, or even enter, I will consider it an assault and I am prepared to defend my property and the people there by any means necessary, as our constitution and any civilized society gives me the right to do.

All I am asking for to get a return on my investment, are reliable delivery of Water and Electricity, and a covered sewage system so I won?t see open gutters by Embassy Restaurant s customers are enjoying fine cuisine, and mosquitoes. And remember I have paid over $7,000 to cover my gutters but that is not enough. What does one do about next door neighbors???That is all we are asking for!

Is this too hard for us business investors to demand?

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From:?Kwaku A. Danso,?M.Eng., PhD

(President, Ghana Leadership Union, Inc(NGO) and Moderator,?GLU Forum.)


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