Bangolla Community at Nabdam welcomes potable water

Social Community Water
Social Community Water

Mr Lamtig A. Apanga, an aspirant of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary primaries at the Nabdam District, has commissioned a borehole for the Bangolla community, a suburb of Kontintabig, in the Nabdam District of the Upper East Region.

The borehole formed part of the first phase of a water project started by Mr Apanga.

Five communities have so far benefitted from the borehole project which include four hand pump boreholes at Zanlerigu-Zoya, Gane-Asonge, Kong-Pitang, Kontintabig and one mechanized borehole at Pelungu in the Nabdam District.
Mr Apanga, also a legal practitioner, said he was inspired by the need to serve and offer quality leadership to the benefit of the larger community and improve upon development in the constituency.

“When I mention that I want to be Member of Parliament (MP) for Nabdam, I am referring to offering good leadership to my communities and advancing major developments so that the people whom l serve would appreciate that it is not just sitting as MP but delivering work that reflects the needs of the people.”

He called on the people to support him sail through as NDC’s parliamentary candidate and to becoming the Member of Parliament for the constituency.

Mr Douglas Tohugto Yenbogrerah, the Assemblyman of Kontintabig and the community members, lauded Mr Apanga amidst cheers and songs, for the provision of the borehole to the community.

According to them, the water project was laudable initiative that was giving access to potable water which was a major challenge in the community since the only borehole they had dried up, compelling residents to walk to other neighboring communities to search for water.

The inconvenience the residents experienced was affecting productivity and contributing to the loss of their domestic animals because of the absence of a water source within the community.

The Assemblyman said “Our mothers at Bangolla community, a suburb of Kontintabig used to go to neighbouring communities to search for water because the only borehole for the community constructed in 2016 dried up and so we see this new borehole for us as a blessing.

“As peasant farmers, animals form a major component of our investment and the absence of immediate source of water especially at the dry season where these animals are released makes it easy for them to get lost in their hunt for water in neighboring communities,” he added.

Nab Bilheesong Lagwongt, the Chief of Kontintabig, expressed gratitude to the legal practitioner and urged the community members to make good use of the borehole.

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