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Mr. Man HeeLee
Mr. Man HeeLee

The world renowned peace activist, Mr. Man HeeLee, joined the International Conference of Chief Justices of the World (ICCJW) in India and delivered the keynote speech. In this conference, chief justices of the world gathered and signed, on an unprecedented scale, the agreement for the enactment of an international law to end all wars, a law proposed by Mr. Lee. He also joined the Peace Walk at Montessori School, with the student body, chief justices of the world, and former and current heads-of-state.

Mr. Man HeeLee
Mr. Man HeeLee

Rabindranath Tagore, an Indian poet who is a winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, named the Republic of Korea as ?the lamp of the East.? And now the light of world peace is shining from the Republic of Korea. A renowned peace activist of Korea, the chairman of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light, Mr. Man Hee Lee became the topic of the daywith his visit to India during his newest wave of the peace movement. Mr. Lee was invited to ICCJW, hosted by the Montessori School in India on December 14th (local time), and delivered the keynote speech emphasizing the enactment of the international law as a solution to achieve world peace and the cessation of wars. For this effort, 160 chief justices from around the world signedthe agreement.

In Lucknow, India, for three days starting from December 13th, the 15th ICCJW was convened with 160 judicial officers from 43 different nations. This was the largest ever meeting of its kind. In attendance were Former President Emil Constantinescu of Romania, Former President Kgalema Motlanthe of South Africa, Chief Justice of the Afghan Supreme Tribunal Abdul Salam Azimi,Indian First Secretary to the Permanent Mission to the UN Prakash Gupta, Chairman of the International Judicial Conference, USA Frederick Furth, and other former and current heads-of-state.

The eyes and ears of the world focused on the 160 chief justices in attendance who signed the written agreement for an enactment of the international law for world peace and the cessation of wars.
Furthermore, the judicial officers in attendance were invited to Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) as members of the advisory committee for establishing an international law. This is expected to expedite the enactment of the international law for world peace and the cessation of wars.
On the 13th, Mr. Lee delivered his congratulatory remarks at the ICCJW, pleading, ?If the leaders truly want world peace and love their nation and its people, then they must add a clause to end all wars in the international law and sign the agreement for world peace.? Also in this conference, Mr. Lee put the world-wide peace movement into action and pled for ?an enactment of the international law to end all wars.? He drew the participation of legal, political, and religious leaders for the movement. Soon after the conference, Mr. Lee joined the Peace Walk with more than 2,000 students and judicial officers to promote world peace and the cessation of wars.Mr. Lee?s efforts are being broadcasted through many media including a state-run broadcasting station of India, DD News ?Insight Asia.?

Also on the 14th, Mr. Lee mentioned in his speech that ?the world is living in anxiety and is in chaos: nations fighting nations, civilizations fighting civilizations, fellow countrymen killing each other, believers killing other believers,the youth killing the youth. The world is in the midst of this conflict where nation and ideology are divided.? Moreover, this is because ?there is no clause in the international law to end all wars on this earth and create peace.? The pragmatic solution to this issue is to have former and current heads-of-state implement the cessation of wars and world peace in the international law with HWPL, and Mr. Lee pled that the international law must be enacted.

Before this trip, Mr. Lee had embarked on 15 journeys around the world, visiting 56 different nations and presenting a pragmatic solution for world peace. During his 16th grand peace journey, before arriving in India he visited the United Nations Headquarters in New York and then also visited Los Angeles, USA. While visiting the UN HQ, he discussed the reformation of the international law to end all wars and ways to resolve the religious discord in the conflict areas in Africa. In Los Angeles, Mr. Lee met and pleaded to Los Angeles County Superior Court Justice Presiding Judge the Honorable David S. Wesleyto join the enactment of the international law for world peace. Presiding Judge David S. Wesley promised to help with this endeavor as an advisor of HWPL. Meanwhile, Mr. Lee and Ms. Nam Hee Kim, the chairwoman of the International Women?s Peace Group (IWPG), both received the news that the City of Carson, USA had designated May 25th as ?Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) Day? to commemorate annually the first day that the World Peace Declaration was proclaimed. This was broadcasted over ABC News of USA and received a lot of attention.

In September, HWPL amazed the world with the World Alliance of Religions?Peace(WARP)Summit in Seoul and since then the organization has continued working tirelessly to end wars and usher in world peace pragmatically. Assembled at the Peace Summit were national and international political, religious, and youth leaders and members of media from 170 nations. Each party promised to gather their strengths to achieve peace. Political leaders signed to collaborate for the enactment of the international law, religious leaders signed to unite as one, and the youth and the media made commitments to do their part to bring about peace.

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