Cadres Call For Extension Of Biometric Registration Date


The United Cadres? Front (UCF) has urged leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to reconsider the August 16, 2015 deadline for the mass biometric registration of her members.

wpid-Johnson-Asiedu-Nketia.jpgThis the group said, has become necessary due to our observation that some elements within the Party have covertly tried and have almost succeeded in derailing the objective of the exercise.

”We came to this conclusion after gathering information from our members across the country. Our attention has been drawn to this ploy by some Branch Chairmen and constituency executives who have been allegedly influenced by some sitting Members of Parliament and potential contestants to Party executive positions in future (MPs) to frustrate the exercise. Such members fear is well known to us because the exercise will largely seal-off the monetary/resource influence which are used to influence internal electoral victory.”

In a press release, the group stated that some Branch Chairmen have allegedly collected the registration forms for their branches but never make any effort at registering members, and that they have observed that little publicity is given the exercise within the NDC.

”The UCF is surprised that our engagement with some members in strong-holds of the Party are not even aware of the exercise. The total number of registered members in the Volta and Northern regions for example ? speak volumes of our suspicion and concern.”

”……………. As it stands now it means that a lot of the Party?s membership will be disenfranchised of their rights to participate fully in the internal electoral processes that is envisaged per the exercise. It is, therefore, incumbent on us to draw the attention of the National Executive Council to this negative development, to reconsider the deadline by extending it further.”

Apart from pushing the date forward, the group is also suggesting the opening of two Registration Centers in each constituency as well as forcing branch executives to get PROMPTERS to make members aware of it and take the advantage of registering.


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