When the Sport Minister?s talk of Ghana taking the place of Morocco to host AFCON 2015 aired, I heard many people speak. I also read many opinions and comments.


Of all, this one from a friend on our Whatsapp chat is what I consider the mot deepest and extremist. For want of purpose Mutalla asserts; ??if Morocco who was scheduled to host AFCON 2015 has refused to honour assignment cos of Ebola, y shd Ghana opt to host it? I wonder the type of s****s Mahama Ayariga attended? Pardon ma words but he is da most s***d person I av heard. He is a g****y b*****d thinking of money he will s***l for refurbishment of stadiums. He thinks only abt his stomach at da expense of a national security. He deserves utmost dismissal. He has never made s***e right from da time he was appointed as information minister??. Pardon the jargons. I wanted it originality to be felt as well.

Mutalla is a known and dedicated NDC sympathiser. He is a graduate in good standing with a reputable professional upbringing working in the extractive sector.

In fact he has a close relation in government. But that is a subject for another discussion; for now I can only say that I find his man?s public conduct and speeches a bit awkward.

Mutalla?s outburst is founded in this shared thought from another friends contributing comment, ??if we allow this, the country faces the risk of Ebola as most countries invade Ghana??.

Interestingly enough these are ordinarily Ghanaians speaking out of aversion and just like Fikile Mbalula, South Africa?s Sport Minister have given an outright no to any intention to make Ghana take the place of Morocco. This is without hesitation and a blink; to the extent that they find the Ministers response bizarre and repugnant.
They are passionate and patriotic and would want to see Ghana host Africa to her passion. But not at this times when the world is besieged with a virus that can be matched only to the Beirut Barracks Bombing on the 23rd of October, 1989; and in recent times the twin-tower bombing that occurred on the 11th of September, 2011. Not at this time when we should be sharing the responsibility to fight Ebola.

Not when Ghana?s vulnerability; weak institutions and poor quality of services makes it impossible to contain Cholera, even after technical support from the World Health Organisation.

Come to think of it, who in the right senses, meet death with an open arm? Who will smile at the sense of a plague? Who in Ghana will embrace and give thoughts to his or her country?s takeover of risk known for its impunity and that even the most industrialized and resilient economies are avoiding?

Obviously answers lie with Ghana?s unsurprisingly sham politicians and their associated politics of uncommon sense. So for one Minister whose mandate is to seek the welfare of the people with the resources and authority entrusted, Ghana is capable of hosting the deadly Ebola. After all, Ghana died long before the Ebola outbreak and so what good is left of a stinking copse?

As cynical as it sound, it also comes at a time when this Ministers ?Forum of Eminent Sports Administrators? ended in a fight instead of providing answers to the many sport problems. Not to talk of the Brazil 2014 fallout.
This is totally absurd and raises Mutalla?s kind of suspicion. Knowing well this is Ghana where we prefer to celebrate mediocrity and be led by politicians who are always exploring ways to siphon state funds even at the most deadly opportunity.

Perhaps they have once more sniffed some loose cash and not even some deadly virus with the capacity to wipe out an entire generation will take them off their ambition.
Yes we all know you are in politics to make money. But to make this ambition so naked and insensitive is ridiculous, premature and very much appalling. Whoever thinks Ghana can take the place of Morocco does so with absurdity and an illpintent to dupe the state. Get me no wrong, this is my humble suspecting opinion. I have not called you otherwise. Not even on the reasons you have given me.

But let this be made loud and clear: If CAF who by now should have known better to put on hold the qualifications and help in the fight against the deadly virus cannot postpone the tournament as Morocco suggests, then it will be better be for Issa Hayatou and his cohorts to host the games in their upper class balconies. Since the former thinks he has all the brains for soccer to make him stay in power since 1988.

Imani Ghana has given a ?no no?. Occupyghana has and now Noguchi. Yes, our Noguchi, which will have great time dealing with most of the cases should we be insensitive to heed all the warnings.

These voices should have ended it all. But we all know how ruthless Ghanaians politicians are. Perhaps the only time they find consolation is when they see us pour onto the street. But even that woe baptise you if you fail to make the numbers. That is why I have added my no and it?s outright.

I will have to end but not without these words from Fikile Mbalula, South Africa?s Sport Minister, ?Even before taking the matter to cabinet, I can tell you unambiguously and categorically that hosting is a no no,? ?We do not have a ready-made abundance of resources to be shifted to Afcon. We did it [in 2013] in solidarity with Libya last year. Our budget cycle will not allow us to host the [2015] Afcon. It is totally impossible. We would like to give this one a pass.? ?We will share the responsibility to fight Ebola ? we are not immune to that. ?We must be prepared to share our skills, our doctors, to reinforce the research to find a vaccine.?

This is purely for your edification Honourable Ayariga.




Source:?Bernard Kwofie

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