Carnage in the Congo; Murder, Mayhem and the UN


The UN has condemned Rwanda?s role in the carnage in the Congo for
supplying arms and aid to the M23 rebels fighting the Congolese army
in northern Congo yet provides the Rwandan military ten$ of million$
in arms and aid for the thousands of Rwandan ?peacekeepers? operating
under UN control in Dafur.

The UN gives arms to the Rwandan military, which in turn gives arms to
Tutsi rebels of the M23 warlords and then the UN condemns Rwanda but
orders its peacekeepers in the Congo, who in the past bombarded the
M23 rebels, to stand aside as the M23 captures the strategically
critical town of Goma in eastern Congo. Doesn’t make much sense does

Murder, mayhem and the UN in the Congo, it goes back almost two
decades and is probably one of the least understood conflicts in the
world, so lets start with the two major players in the conflict,
Uganda and Rwanda.

Rwanda has a president named Paul Kagame who twenty years ago was the
head of the Ugandan CIA under President Musuveni and Rwanda and Uganda
remain pretty much joined at the hip.

Both Musuveni and Kagame are dependent on the hundred$ of million$ of
under the table royaltie$ they are making off the illegal mining they
?protect? in north and eastern Congo and both countries have
?peacekeepers? funded by the UN in Somalia.

So the UN is giving both countries lots of weapons and cash and then
doesn’t like it when such ends up supporting local warlords on behalf
of the Musuveni/Kagame mafia?

And in the mean time millions of Congolese die, millions more live in
desperate conditions fleeing the fighting and millions more dollars
each day are looted from the Congo, a country that meets the
definition of a failed state if there is one.

Think about it, what is the UN going to do when it depends on Rwanda
and Uganda to enforce its diktats in Dafur and Somalia when Rwanda and
Uganda openly defy all UN proclamations when it comes to the Congo?

One can see just who is really behind the scenes when both the
?President? of the Congo, Joseph Kabila (jr) and his sworn enemy Paul
Kagame of Rwanda sit down together in…Kampala, the capital of
Uganda, under the watchful eye of the USA?s second string Godfather in
east Africa, Pres. Musuveni.

Deals have to be made, business is business, divide up the loot and
lets get back to making money is the story of the day, only Kabila is
not to thrilled with the short end of the deal. But then M23 might
just decide to march on Kinshasa, capital of the Congo, kick Kabila
out and install their own man of the hour, sort of like Musuveni did
when he sent the Rwandan rebel army he funded and armed and headed by
his CIA director Kagame into Rwanda in 1994.

The plot thickens as the Obama White House and its hit woman UN
Ambassador Susan Rice is stirred in, for Musuveni is their boy and
Kabila, a Francophone and closer to the French than the USA, has been
heard muttering words of working with China, or whomever would take a
chance investing in his parts.

Susan Rice has a lot invested in Musuveni and Kagame, covering up
crimes going back to her days in the cabinet under Clinton and the
Rwandan massacre in 1994 and has protected them at the UN so far.

With the USA?s other enforcer in the east Africa, Meles Zenawi, dead
and Ethiopia heading for disintegration Musuveni and Kagame is the
best the Obama regime still has and is certain to continue to allow
the carnage to continue in the Congo.

As for the UN it remains little more than a front for US foreign
policy and crisis management is the USA?s policy in Africa, as in
create a crisis and then manage the chaos to better loot and plunder,
so one should expect business as usual as in the UN, murder and mayhem
in the Congo.

Thomas C. Mountain is the most widely distributed independent
journalist in Africa, living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006. He
can be reached at thomascmountain_at_yahoo_dot_com.

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