Known as the smoking dragon, China is home to one of the world?s largest cigarette smoking communities. Now the government is trying to put new bans on cigarette smoking.

Over the recent years, the government has tried to reduce smoking with a range of anti-smoking measures.

Tough new curbs in the capital Beijing where smokers can light up will be implemented later this year.

The move follows on from many other nations around the world who have introduced strict anti-smoking measures and the new laws are viewed as a way of reducing the near 1 million and 100 thousand second-hand-smoke-related deaths a year.

The new rules are set to come into force by the middle of 2015 and will see smoking banned on buses, at work and outside schools and hospitals and reinforce previous 2011 legislation banning smoking in hotels and restaurants as well as seeing larger health warnings placed on cigarette packets. Jennifer Liao investigates the issue.

Source: KQ/NN Press TV


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