Controlling Noise Making in Ghana Will Take Surmountable Courage

No noise
No noise

There has been severe backlash at the Minister for Environment, Science, Technology and innovation, Prof. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng for his comment made on April 10, 2018 in relation to noise-making in the country. Unfortunately, his well-meaning comment might have been misinterpreted and misrepresented in sections of the media.

I am religious as many of us and would neither advocate for religious intolerance in any of its forms nor the abuse of religious liberty. As well-intentioned Ghanaians, in as much as we have to uphold our religious diversity, it would be prudent to be more objective when addressing issues of national significance.

The noise conundrum is a reality which cannot be curbed while wearing our subjective glasses. Adding to our existing problems of land degradation, air and water pollution, noise pollution is making our lives less enjoyable and more stressful.

A paper published by the Institute of Environment and Sanitation Studies, University of Ghana, in May 2012, highlighted some harmful effects of excessive environmental noise, termed noise pollution. Paramount among the points cited was irritation which could result in high stress levels and depression. Some experts have linked noise pollution to hypertension, heart attacks and in some instances, learning disabilities.

We would save ourselves a lot of harm and discomfort if we consciously and effectively regulate our noise-levels. Why is it easy to respect the ban on noise-making, imposed by traditional authorities but disregard the civil laws on noise-making?

It is incumbent on us to assist the Environmental Protection Agency, the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies to enforce the laws on noise-making. Reduction in noise levels would lead to reduction in stress levels and in effect increase productivity.

Yes, we need to worship God, but we can do that in more environment-friendly ways. Let us unite and fight noise pollution.

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