Fennec Okyere And Wife
Fennec Okyere And Wife
Fennec Okyere And Wife
Fennec Okyere And Wife

Contrary to reports that came from some media houses ? online, print and social media regarding the death of Kwaw Kesse?s manager, Fennec Okyere, that he was shot to death, Ursula Owusu, a legal luminary and now the spokesperson for the deceased?s family, has cleared the air.
Speaking on Hitz FM, on Monday 17th March, 2014, Ursula Owusu revealed that on Thursday 13th March, 2014, she had a call concerning the news. I went to the house and saw him dead in a pool of blood. There was blood all over his bathroom ? the toilet tub and the washing tub. The whole room was flooded with blood.

It?s obvious they ? the assassins started stabbing him from the bedroom. He was stabbed, not shot. So he ran to the bathroom and the assailants chased him there. The whole room was filled with blood. He crawled to the bedroom and that is where he died. As I narrate the story, the visuals are still indelible on my eyes. Nobody deserves to die that way. Nobody!

Ursula went further to reveal that Fennec separated from his legally married wife just after 2 months of marriage. When asked why Fennec and his wife were separated, Ursula said ?when they separated, the lady was living under my roof, but, I wouldn?t want to go into all of that for now on air. Let?s see how best we can bury him first and all other matters will follow.?

Unknown to many, Fennec Okyere lived with Ursula Owusu from the mid 90s till the year 2001 when grown up Fennec took his destiny into his own hands and left Ursula?s abode. Fennec finally ended up managing Hiplife/Hiphop artiste, Kwaw Kesse, until Thursday 13th March, 2014, when news broke out he was dead.

Source: Ghanacelebrities.com


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