Ghana Progressive Hotels Association Ghaproha
Ghana Progressive Hotels Association Ghaproha

The Ghana Progressive Hotels Association (GHAPROHA) has asked the Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA) to urgently repair the damaged sewer lines in the Metropolis which are causing challenges to residents.

GHAPROHA insists that the bizarre situation is greatly affecting the businesses of Hotel and Restaurant operators due to stench and sewege leakages and associated health risks and unpleasantness.

This was made known on Thursday during a BUSAC and GHAPROHA stakeholder workshop to deliberate on the research report dubbed, “Advocacy for the rehabilitation of the central sewerage system in Tema” at the Lucia Hotel, Community 8 , Tema.

In an associated press release, the Project Coordinator and Vice President of GHAPROHA, Ps. Emmanuel Geadda-Asando, informed that “the Tema sewerage system for more than 18 years now has not seen any major rehabilitation works. This has rendered the system inoperative all these years.”

He said the “wear and tear and aging process” has resulted in damaged portions of the pipelines and manholes leading to massive siltation of sewer lines and the invasion of the system by rodents and other creatures.

He told of how oil deposits from factories, garages and the disposal of solid waste materials such as rags and tampons from households were chocking the sewer lines rendering them ineffective.

Ps. Geadda-Asando argued that the situation was greatly affecting the hospitality industry in Tema with many restaurants and hotels losing business and spending lots of money to repair damaged portions of sewer lines.

He said the stench from the sewer lines and poor sanitary conditions had drastically lowered occupancy rate of hotels and restaurants in Tema with operators “unable to maintain the required food safety and hygienic standards in an environment where raw faecal matter flows uncontrolled into kitchens, restaurants and hotel rooms.”

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) after the workshop, the Tema Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Mr. Felix Mensah Nii Annan-La, admitted to the poor shape in which the Tema Sewer lines were.

The MCE informed that in the short term they had their sanitation team on standby to address any blockage and leakages as they occurred to prevent them from escalating.

Mr. Annan-La said, the TMA were in talks with an Israeli company to replace the sewerage lines, but were delayed because of delays in their bankers giving guarantee to TMA to access the needy funds for the project.

“To replace the sewerage lines in Tema we are talking about 60 million dollars, and the way and manner we pay our revenue in Tema it would be difficult to generate that amount of money internally.”

He assured that the Central Government had asked the GCB bank to give the TMA the guarantee it needed to access the required amount of money for construction to commence.



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