GIS Unmasks Airport Security Gang

Ghanaer34fffffw434An American businessman by name David K who arrived in Ghana in 2010 in the hope of retrieving a quantity of gold he had invested tens of thousands of dollars into, is at his wits’ end as to how he fell prey to a 419 gang and compelling him to lose the fortune in deliberations with the group.

However the emerging revelation at the Headquarters of Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) points to the fact that David’s entry documents processed by Sohin Security Checks Ltd Director Solomon Adelequaye’s Charges John Mensah, and Aaron Tetteh were fake.

When the U.S. businessman arrived, in Ghana in early part of 2010, he was met at the Kotoka International Airport by Adelaquaye’s boys, Messrs. John Mensah and Aaron Tetteh who offered to process and legitimize his stay in Ghana. However it turned out that the documents processed by Adelaquaye’s charges were faked, whose discovery David soon found out when he went to GIS to regularize his stay in Ghana.

THE SUN gathered that upon investigations by GIS, a report was forwarded to the Police CID to alert them on the outcome of their investigations. What raised further eyebrows was where exactly Adelaquaye’s boys obtained the fake immigration documents to do David in.

All efforts to speak to Adelaquaye over this and other related issues which are the subject of THE SUN’S SPOTLIGHT TEAM’s investigation, including a visit to Sohin Security Offices proved futile.

At New Achimota, The Spotlight Team was directed to Big Mama Restaurant near Jesus & Mary School, but none of the staff would want to link the paper to their boss after initially failing to acknowledge that he was the Managing director of the Company.

The story so hot on the stove is that the American’s tribulation started in May 2010, when through the internet he hooked onto the website of All Star Associates Ltd for the special reason that the company claimed it was into gold business.

Mr. David K then developed interest and therefore made contact with the official of the said All Star Associates Ltd. His enquiry uncovered the fact that a certain Solomon Adelaquaye of Sohin Security Checks Ltd sat at the head of the company as CEO.

Having showed much interest in the deal, David approached a friend in the USA who has average knowledge about the Ghanaian business terrain. During the discussion, David’s friend contacted one of his local Ghanaian friends to dig into the background of All Star Associates Ltd.

While due diligence was on-going, Adelaquaye and his charges, namely John Mensah and Aaron Tetteh agreed to send samples of the gold product to David in the USA. Somehow, the deliberations reached a crescendo requiring a follow up by the American.

However THE SUN’s spotlight team investigations into the whole brouhaha indicates that, it was a strategy adopted by Adelaquaye and his two charges of Mensah and Tetteh in a desperate attempt to get David bundled out of Ghana, a situation that could have led to the ‘killing’ of his case against the CEO of Sohin Security Checks Ltd.

Having stood his grounds, THE SUN can now report that all efforts are being made by the CID to prosecute the Sohin Security chief or get him to come clean on the misgivings raised by the distraught American.

Another contentious issue is, how on earth did even the National Security come to be dribbled as regards the detailing of Sohin to do security works at the Kotoka International Airport, when the company is stewed deep in controversy, raising questions if background checks were left to the dogs. THE SUN’s investigations still continue. 

Source: The Sun

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