Government Delighted In Collapsing Individual Companies


Looking at the current economic hardships it is enlightening to note that truly the country needs an experienced and courageous leadership to contend with the numerous challenges Mother Ghana finds itself in, particularly in the face of ongoing economic challenges and misplaced priorities.


I must say Ghanaians desire good governance and accountable leadership, but the current leadership since he assumed power is yet to show any policy direction and sense of purpose. The best action shown so far by the President is further deepening the level of poverty in the Ghanaian society. The current administration has been very unfriendly local investors at the Pharmaceutical sector and small scale mining sector.

The initiative and motivation to drive the private sector is already adumbrated by the fact that so much is owed by government to local investors and hence cannot drive the drive their individual and collective enterprises. It is a pity! Mr Benard Antwi Boasiako alias Chairman Wontumi the newly elected Ashanti Regional chairman of the New Patriotic Party became victim of circumstances all because he was a known NPP financier.

Government operatives and task force went to destroy all his excavators without taken into consideration whether he had the right or not to go about his small scale mining activities. It is disheartening government and its officials have not taking their time to take a critical look at the way and manner their activities have caused us a lot of avoidable judgment debt.

Government had no money to create jobs to address unemployment problems and yet takes delight in collapsing individual companies who had created the opportunity for Ghanaians to earn a living. Several companies have also been forced to collapse for no apparent reasons.

No government can survive in global landscape if domestic investors and employers of labour are suffocated by government unfavourable policies and programmes. We have had a cause to raise concerns over the presidents? flip-flop approach to handle sensitive national issues on numerous occasions.

If my memory will serve me right before the 7th December, 2012 general elections there were news all over the world that the Turkish government had confiscated an airline full of gold bars worth 84 million dollars belong to Mother Ghana and its people and to our greatest shock our president was sworn in to protect and defend the good people of Ghana and its wealth traveled to Turkey and came back empty handed.

No money no gold was the case all because our leaders perceived Ghanaians easily forget things. As the saying goes silence means concern and Ghanaians always keep mute on issues and react at the time it deserves. We had in our memories several undeserved payments made to individuals and companies all in the name of judgment debt paid for no work done.

It is unpatriotic to see some government officials in the current administration who should have defended Mother Ghana went round looking for companies they could use to create loot and share. If you ask them do you love Mother Ghana? ?They would say yes why not and yet their actions taken with regards to judgement debt were unscientific and unappreciable.

Great nations in the world were not developed by chance whether good or bad. They are developed through serious and meaningful planning, full determination to push through all the rolling plans, commitment to set achievable goals and objectives, patriotism, perseverance and above all, the ability of a leader to take courageous and bold decisions in the face of pressure and daunting challenges. It is to be understood that leadership comes with an unusual sense of discipline and respect for the laws of the land.

Leadership is by example and the president who has had the opportunity to serve his constituents in parliament knows better than an ordinary Ghanaian do went ahead to disregard the ban on the word ?Tweaaaa? in Parliament by the third gentlemen of the state during his state of the nation?s address in Parliament.

If I may ask, can the speaker of Parliament from henceforth punish his members of Parliament not to use the word co-equal or ?Tweaaaa?It beats my imagination hearing from some government spokespersons? exaggerating on the Single Spine implementation as the cause of the woes of this country forgetting the fact that if huge sums of monies involved in Gyeeda, Sada and undeserved payments made to undeserved individuals and companies as judgment debts had been used judiciously could have salvage our economy by putting it on its toes.

Looking at the wage bill from Bank of Ghana and Ministry of Finance as at June 2013 our total Revenue collected was GHC9.5 billion and the Wage bill was GHC 4.3 billion if you strike the percentage it will be 45% .In August, 2013 our total Revenue was GHC 11.9 billion and the Wage bill was GHC 5 billion. That is 42%.

Total Revenue collected as at June, 2013 was GHC9.5 billion and interest paid on loans was GHC2.2 billion. That will give us 23% then as at August, 2013 our Revenue collected was GHC 11.9 billion and interest paid on loan was GHC 3billion.That will give us 25% ?and as such our Wage bill can never be the propaganda 70% claimed by the current administration. Ghanaians are discerning and the current administration can not throw dust into our eyes anymore.

There are high level of intimidation and harassment and coercion going on and the ordinary investor conscious of his investor?s husks in the corner and watch over all these development anomalies. Our leaders always preach zero tolerance to corruption but they are always found of swimming soundly in the pool of corruption.

For a blessed country Ghana that is infrastructural backward with so much decay in the different sectors of the economy. With the level of security concerns across the nation, coupled with the fact that so much has been left unattached to, the current administration has shown lack of capacity to contend with our developmental challenges.

The roads leading to ?places we get our natural resources are so bad, health sector is in total shambles, education sector is decayed, strikes abound everywhere, there is no housing policy in place near absence of infrastructure, epileptic power supply, and growing unemployment in the country, yet Ghana trudges on in the face of all these numerous challenges.

BY: Michael Kessey (SPORTS ANALYST)?

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