At a health and safety and worker’s durbar on the theme,” Managing Occupational Stress, a collective responsibility”, in Tema, Mr Willaim Amuna, Chief Executive, GRICO, urged all staff to adhere strictly to the company’s health and safety regime because” we are working in a very challenging and dangerous environment”

He said incidents and accidents may bring injuries and fatalities which are most stressful for the individuals involved as well as their families and friends.

“It is for this reason that we continuously demand that our staff especially, technical staff be very conversant with their safety procedures and practices.”

He said good safety management practices would help reduce the stress that the demand and challenges of the company’s operations put on workers.

“It is normal to have some level of stress in our daily lives. It is when stress often lasts too long that it becomes a problem that could result in headaches, mood swings, anxiety disorders and other problems for us.

Whatever distress that we may have from our stress will negatively affect our work output and also impact on our relationship with families, friends and colleagues.”

He advised the workers to take advantage of the gymnasium within the office environment to exercise often, take well balanced and nutritious food and sufficient water and have a positive attitude towards life.

According to him, more people are been recruited to reduce workload and overtime of workers.

“We are very concerned about overtime with the long ours staff spend on the job since it has heath implications..We will start converting overtime hours into days offs to enable staff to rest and have time with their families.”

Deserving workers and departments were honoured with prizes for excelling in the company’s health and safety regime.

Source: GNA/



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