Internal conflicts in the NPP pops up again

Paul Afoko
Paul Afoko

Folks, I continue to wonder why the NPP people think that it is only when they ratchet up their rogue politics that they will prove to Ghanaians what they are worth. It amazes me that in this 21st century, such a party should give room to just anybody in it to say anything at all just for the sake of intensifying the rogue politics. It is no more at the level of “book” politics; that is, doing politics according to formulae (formulas, if you like) and mere, dry and sterile theory. It is ridiculous to have the NPP people so stuck on rogue politics.

Paul Afoko, NPP Chairman
Paul Afoko, NPP Chairman

What amazes me all the more is the fact that the party does have brainy people whose influence should have been brought down to bear on goings-on for reason and sound thinking to dominate their public utterances/political rhetoric; but they seem to have been either overshadowed by the numskulls and newbie political miscreants whose youthful exuberance is leading them astray on the political landscape. Or is it that the brainy folks in the NPP may themselves have been infected with the disease and are virtually irrelevant and consigned to the backwoods of the Asante-Akyem cabal? Occasionally, utterances from some of them suggest that they are no better, though. And most are lawyers too!!
So, where do these NPP people think their rogue politics will land them? Certainly, not at the Presidency.
No day passes by without their issuing empty and useless threats here and there or without their fouling the air and disturbing our peace of mind with threats. By their petulant and misguided utterances, they draw more ire than goodwill toward their cause.

Here is the latest in their string of inanities, coming from their Ashanti regional Chairman, Wontumi: “Ghana could witness another Coup d’?tat If…” Just read the news report itself:
“The future of Ghana looks bleak if the Electoral Commission of Ghana should continue with its open display of bias, Mr. Antwi-Boasiako has warned. Ghana, first experienced coup d’?tat in February 24th, 1966 and since then, the nation has recorded five of such bitter political overthrows.

It is on this note that the Ashanti Regional Chairman for the New Patriotic Party has expressed worry about the way the EC, continues to conduct itself when duty calls. According to him, if the EC would continue to subjugate the will of the people through the ballot, it could get to a time where the masses would disrespect their final decision after votes have been counted.

In an interview with, Mr. Antwi-Boasiako stated that the recent unrest in Burkina Faso coupled with Ghana?s own track record when it coups, makes it hard to believe that electorates would openly allow the EC to determine the final outcomes of the 2016 general elections if they don?t take a neutral stance as required by of them.” (


We may want to dismiss Wontumi as a pathetic soul but won?t because he reflects the mentality guiding the politics that the NPP does. He is a political novice and a big-headed clod, for that matter. Whatever comes from him drives the NPP’s politics of intimidation and narrow-thinking, which is why I have taken him on.
How stupid can’t such a party organizer be? The various instances of coups d??tat that he mentioned occurred under circumstances that had nothing to do with the Electoral Commission or any exercise of the franchise by Ghanaians. Where exactly is he taking issues to?

And to worsen his case, he is so daft as not to know that the EC has more credibility than the NPP itself!! Having been humiliated by the Supreme Court at the end of 8 months of their petition hearing, what else should Wontumi and those extremely stupid NPP leaders be given before they know that it was the electorate that roundly rejected the pee-wee Akufo-Addo and not the Electoral Commission that manipulated the situation to put John Mahama in office?
Let them continue with their copious stupidity, and they will be hit harder again at Election 2016. The fact is that Ghanaians will read deeper meanings into such veiled threats and arm-twisting tactics and damn the threat makers. If they doubt it, let them do some research to find out how Akufo-Addo’s threat of “All-die-be-die” negatively influenced voter perception of him and voting to reject him at Election 2012. That perception hasn’t changed yet more so when Akufo-Addo is seen as tearing apart his own party to put himself up again for more humiliation.

It further amazes me why those who claim to be “liberal democrats” will wish for a coup d??tat to overthrow the very constitutional system of governance that liberal democracy entails. Such weird people!!
Persistently threatening the system will not cow the electorate into submission to give their shrimp any nod to become Ghana’s President. And for as long as they deceive themselves that they can do anything to overturn the popular will of the people, defeat and danger await them. Let them know that their “Concert Party” shows have become rather stale and unappealing anymore.
Yes, it is true that the Mahama-led administration is still facing genuine challenges in its efforts to move the country forward. The people know that truth but will not become willing tools to be used by the desperate NPP people to achieve their objectives. Can these people for once think outside the box to do politics without threatening the system?

Oh, how I wish that they will make the mistake to take the first faulty step!! By persistently muddying the waters, using their lackeys in organized labour to foment industrial unrest and doing everything to make the country ungovernable, they are only setting the stage for what will explode in their faces. If they think that they can infiltrate the ranks of the military to do their bidding, they will be caught pants down.

Our soldiers know better not to put their necks in the noose!! What happened in Burkina Faso has no bearing on the Ghanaian scene. Ours is a constitutional democracy in which we change leaders or retain them every four years. No one is perpetuating his rule to be seen as creating fertile conditions for a so-called ?people?s power? to overturn the table of democracy. Will these shallow-minded NPP politicians ever see things clearly to comment on?
I have said it several times already that all of them making such ugly noises aren’t difficult to snuff out if need be. As I said when Kufuor was in office misbehaving in terms of national security issues yet seeking protection, all of them fooling about are as exposed as a BOIL on a bald man’s head. Easy to spot and get rid of if need be!!
For as long as they allow copious stupidity to take the better part of their agenda, they will continue to come across as undesirables to be pooh-poohed at election time.

I shall return?

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