It was quite difficult making friends at the university – Isaac Hempstead

Isaac Hempstead Wright
Isaac Hempstead Wright

The 19-year-old actor was instantly recognised as ‘Game of Thrones’ Bran Stark when he enrolled in a maths degree at the University of Birmingham, and though he has the “nicest flatmates”, he admitted his career has held him back from enjoying a “normal experience” at college.

He said: “I had the nicest flatmates. But it made it quite difficult to make friends. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to have a normal university experience, which is kind of sad.

“I couldn’t relax and go out and have a drink or get drunk or whatever, because if I did someone would be like: ‘I saw Bran and he was all f***ed up.’

“I was a bit of a hermit. My ex-girlfriend came up to visit and we just sat in my room for a week.”

The teenage star admitted all his flatmates were initially stunned when he met them for the first time.

He recalled in an interview with Britain’s Esquire magazine: “I walked in and this girl just looked at me. And I was like: ‘Hello’, and they were like ‘Hi!’.

“I went down to get some more stuff and when I came back, they’d had like a flat conference to say: Oh my god, what the f**k is going on.’

“We went for dinner and they didn’t actually say anything until, eventually, one of their mates was like: ‘So apparently you’re in ‘Game of Thrones’?!’ ”

And as news of the university’s famous new student swept through campus, Isaac was constantly bombarded with messages and unwanted attention.

He said: “I went out to some awful club night, and it was just … a massacre.

“There were so many tweets. And because your email is public domain, I got like, billions of emails from people going: ‘Hi Three-Eyed Raven!’ I was just trying to find out where my next lecture was.”

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