John Dramani Mahama would Survive Insha Allah


He was the former president of this our motherland, under his tenure as a president his opponent lead by his northern brother who was the then running mate to the opposition Leader was assigned to disgrace, attack him and make him look evil in the eyes of the Ghanaians as a wicked and incompetent leader. He successfully achieved that goal.

He called him all kind of names, attacked his personality several times to the extend of his wife who as a Muslim woman was supposed to know best called him a useless leader which am not sure Lordina Mahama would ever do such thing or even think of doing. But he never responded or say anything in response knowing that he was his little brother who did not understand what he was doing then but saw him as a desperate innocent young man trying every means to win power.

They told us he was the most corrupt president in our history as a country but for us as Ghanaians he would remain in our record as the president who jailed two of his own party members one a sitting MP and a party financier for corruption act in the SADA case, he would once again remain in our records as the president who had to sack his own minister not because she was involved in corruption but was caught on tape saying she was in government to make an amount of money. He would remain in our records as the president who actually sacked his NSS directors and refunded back taxpayers monies they wrongfully took. He remains in our record as the president after being alerted that an amount has been bloated on a bus branding Saga made those involved paid back every pesewa to the state and fired the minister involved.

Today those accusing this same gentleman of involving in corruption have turned a clearing house agent clearing all their corrupt official involved in corruption Like the PDS, PPA, Sport Ministry Turned Into Visa Processing Institutions, Agyapa Deal, Number 12 by Anas, Maritime Authority and others. I now understand during his conceding speech back then in 2016 when he said he leaves everything in the hands of Posterity to judge his hardwork, effort and sleepless night to build this country with the clear intention of making it a better place for everyone.

They told us this country was going on the wrong path because he went to IMF for a credit facility and policy credibility, shockingly enough they came to power and extended the same IMF to another two good years after they told the who world Mahama was not credible enough for going to IMF for the same Credit Facility they extended for two years. This same people had to run to the same IMF for Rapid Covid relief to sustain this Economy because the economy would collapse if not for that relief. One would have thought for the manner in which they disgrace the then president (John Dramani Mahama) for going for relief at the IMF they would have nothing to do with IMF. Smh

This same people told us John Dramani Mahama had borrowed 54 Billion and was over borrowing even though we have Gold, Diamond, Bauxite, Timber, Cocoa, Oil and all the natural resources which there would not be a need for us to borrow that much today as I write some of this natural resources have doubled example is the Oil and we even produce Gas now but what is our debt situation under them 150 Billion. I call them evil men in white.

They told us he was wicked, evil and the likes of Abronye and Co called him a thief. Some of us where made to believe he brought in Charlotte Osei to rig the election in his favour even though he was constitutionally mandated to appoint a new EC after Afari Gyan retired and he (John Dramani Mahama)was not ready to handover power even if he lost the election but what did we saw even before results was declared he called Nana Addo and congratulate him which shocked the entire continent. I quite remember just like yesterday when some party big men troop in his house to show their displeasure after they observed alot of flaws in that particular elections but he is a man of peace and has learned alot from his former Boss John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills.

In his speech on that day he told the who world once again that posterity would judge him and his legacy would speak for him some day and history is about to repeat itself and I the few weeks coming I see history repeating itself for Ghanaians have now seen the difference between this two people seeking for our votes.

As we are left with some few days to cast our vote to determine whether Nana Akuffo would retain power or John Dramani Mahama would be voted back to power, let us be reminded that the power is now at our discretion and we must be able to make a critical decision before exercising that power.

Our future as Ghanaians for the next 4 years depends on that critical decision we would make on 7th Dec and we must really think through carefully before voting. Am not here to tell you who to vote for or how to exercise your right but before you make that decision put Ghana first, your unborn children and grandchildren. Let put our difference aside look at the pace at which the country was growing under John Dramani Mahama and Nana Addo, look around you and take the health sector, Infrastructure Development, Educational Sector, Who has been able to built facilities like terminal 3, 43 Senior Secondary school, Numerous Hospitals that has provided permanent and Lucrative jobs. Who is given us a better alternative like the Kyemp3, 1 million sustainable jobs, Free health care etc. when given the opportunity. Who has promised what and has actually delivered and who has failed his promises even though he promised us not to do what or provide us with what he promised he was gonna do in power.

All am saying is that don’t just cast a vote but make sure that vote is a well casted vote.

Sariki Yaki writes ✍️

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