Kafui Danku advices actors on TIME as a resource

5. Kafui Danku
5. Kafui Danku



Time as we all know is very precious and that is why beautiful actress, Kafui.K. Danku is advising her fellow actors in the industry to deem it necessary to obey TIME.

In an interview with the I DO movie producer, Kafui revealed, i expect my colleagues to stick to their time and not go contrary to that.

According to the actress, she believes there is a lot to be done to always be on top and therefore urges her colleagues to be more abrasive and cautious with how some of them abuse TIME.

Kafui is beautiful, simple ,understanding, adventurous and bold. She is currently promoting her newly released movie which features popular actors like Nana Ama McBrown, Van Vicker, Elikem and more.

I hope with this little advice she has for the movie industry, those who have ears will stick to it and act upon it.


Source ? Judith Quarshie ? GhallyWoodStars.Com


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