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Kusasi communities call for lasting peace in Bawku

Social Bawku Peace
Social Bawku Peace

Kusasi communities in the Greater Accra and Central Regions have called on the State to expedite actions to bring lasting peace to Bawku and its environs.

At a press conference in Accra, Alhaji Apam Nuhu, Central Region Kusaasi Chief, said: “The State must speed up the investigations into the brutal murder of unarmed civilians by some elements of the Military in Bawku back in February.”

He said Government and security agencies should not waver in enforcing the rule of law and allow criminal actions of faceless people to stand and deepen the pervasive culture of impunity.

“If immediate steps are not taken, the conflict can be escalated to other parts of Ghana where Kusaasis and Mamprusis reside,” Alhaji Nuhu cautioned.

He also urged the Commission on Human Rights Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to conduct its investigations into the incident, adding that justice delayed meant justice denied.

The Chief said the Kusaasi communities were disappointed in the recent decision by the Parliamentary Select Committee on Defence and Interior to cancel their official visit to Bawku, citing insecurity in the area.

“That sends a dangerous signal to the people of Bawku. If the security personnel stationed at Bawku cannot guarantee the safety of the Parliamentary Select Committee for one day, why should the people have confidence in the same security?”

He urged the leadership of Parliament to send the Committee to Bawku as a matter of urgency to carry out their constitutional mandate.

Alhaji Nuhu also said, Government should ensure the return of Justice Alexander Graham of the Bolgatanga High Court Two, alleged to have vacated his office amidst threats and intimidations after issuing an arrest warrant for Alhaji Seidu Abagre, Kulga II

“That arrest warrant was secured over a month ago and he is still at large. Arresting and prosecuting Alhaji Seidu Abagre is very critical for lasting peace to return to Bawku,” he said.

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