I am greatly burdened over the interview granted by Lady Bianca Ojukwu to Sun Newspaper ,where she attacked Mr Peter Obi and accused him of betraying Dim Ojukwu by joining PDP.


My questions and concerns are many and it included ,did BIANCA told Ojukwu that she is going to defect partially to PDP and still wearing her MOURNING DRESS joined PDP Government ?,if PDP was that bad a party why should the wife of APGA life line join them so early in her mourning dress ?

If she did not consider telling her husband or consider what it means to leave APGA and move over to PDP on appointment ,i see no moral justification for her to pontificate on another man who,,,
Took care of her Husband throughout the ill health ,who made sure that her Husband received the best treatment money can provide.Who flew her Husband to Germany and then London in an AIR AMBULANCE and who kept on visiting her husband every 2 weeks to make sure that he got the best of treatment.

This same man she is insulting now gave her husband the best burial in the whole of Africa and made sure he was buried as a GENERAL by Nigerian Army ,it is only OKWUTE can be able to pull that off.

I saw no justification on the side of BIANCA to attack Peter Obi even though when Bianca abandoned APGA and take up appointment with PDP,Okwute was holding the party tight .

I remember that during the flag off campaign for Gov Obiano in Awka and other places, Bianca who is suppose to stand in for Ikemba did not show her beautiful face on any of those places ,well it must be because of her royalty which is with PDP and she may have her allegiance to PDP CANDIDATE and doing otherwise will put her in quandary with her bosses at PDP.

Little wonder when MAXI OKWU led APGA before Umeh bought at a very high cost the reverse judgment ,Bianca was made the leader of APGA in place of Ojukwu but till today she is yet to accept it publicly nor reject it ,all because she is pandering to PDP and not to be seen as anti party lady.

Little wonder she is yet to be seen with MAXI OKWU or SIR VICTOR UMEH ,the only time you see her around APGA was when Gov Obi was in Government and she will attend only social events and she has never adorn the uniform of APGA or identified with one,she preferred to wear a BEAUTY QUEEN attire instead to stoop low on APGA ABADA.

What makes my imagination run wild is that ,Bianca did not make any comment when SIR VICTOR UMEH declared self a Senatorial Candidate for ANAMBRA CENTRAL without primaries nor consultations ,while still holding tenaciously to the position of APGA CHAIRMAN.She did not make any comment on why Umeh refused to call any meeting for APGA including NWC or EXCO .

Lady Bianca did not make any comment when UMEH and Emeka Ojukwu Jnr went to her husband grave and start dancing AZONTO ,so why suddenly did she recover her voice and start pointing accusingly at Peter Obi.

She did not get angry that APGA refused to present a presidential candidate but adopted PDP candidate ,which is fair and it means APGA accepted the supremacy of PDP by that singular action ,in AWKA the only APGA remaining state ,you will sight bill boards exonerating PDP CANDIDATE, APGA even formed an arm called JJJ in favor of PDP yet Lady Bianca did not get angry ,so why is she this angry now on OBI who joined APGA on the same PDP movement ?

The transparent truth is that -IF I AM BIANCA I WILL RESIGN MY PDP APPOINTMENT TO MAKE SURE I REBUILD APGA ,THE PARTY MY HUSBAND LEFT BEHIND WHERE I WAS MADE A LEADER AND I LEFT IT TO HOB NOB WITH PDP ,now that OBI BETRAYED HER ,she should resign and come back and wrestle APGA back from Umeh and stop him from Dancing on his Husband,s grave,,let HER LEAD BY EXAMPLE and we all will follow.

Now it is evident that as the wife of GENERAL OJUKWU the mantle is now on her to lead APGA forward and not to pontificate from a PDP EXALTED OFFICE IN SPAIN and with that i am off but on.


Mazi Odera

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