Merry Christmas to all our cherished readers


GREETINGS! And a Merry Christmas to all! How the ten regions of Ghana gallantly stand in unison on a season such as this when merry-making and the spirit of unity embraces us all; burying deep behind us the political divisions that have over-shadowed our quest to development.

THOUGH the season means different things to Ghanaians at different levels of our society, the joy of experiencing the near ending of a tiresome 366 days overcomes the pain that accompanied the political year when trouble and calamity was a watchword for the whole nation after losing two leading political leaders. Thus, the New Year becomes pregnant with much expectation for all, bringing in its wake a new dawn of hope and blessing, which we hope to enjoy throughout its journey.

AS we enter a year after elections, we hope peace, joy, and love would be our guide in the quest to build a happy society. We must bury the past as we seek to dream again in times of decision-making in our lives.

THE past indeed can also offer us a continual regret of unfulfilled dreams and ambitions waiting to see the light of day. So get up, fill your horns with oil (hope) and continue the journey of life to arrive home unharmed.

TO procrastinators, 2013 offers you a time of action to execute the set agenda for the accomplishment of dreams cast out in arrays of doubt. Make the best out of the numerous identifiable opportunities that come your way; and satisfaction would be a word to describe your achievements when 2013 ends.

TO the down-hearted and the dejected, hope is coming your way the coming year when belief in yourself and a can-do spirit would fill your soul. The best of your life is yet to come so never give up. Get up, list your resolutions, and fill your heart with true commitment to them as you work them out with thorough perseverance, and you will see your accomplishments.

EVEN THOUGH the end may seem to be far from the beginning, with joy and hard work, strive for fulfillment and true liberty would be yours as you open your authoritative Today to read the exciting news around the world. When you look at the screens of hope and love, contentment and a feeling of satisfaction would reflect back at you.

TODAY recognises that we would not have made it through this year without you our Dear Reader. We cherish your wonderful patronage, and the entire staff on Today wishes you a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

WE promise to continue to ?Blend Our Vision with Truth and Enlightenment,? therefore expect from us nothing but better reportage in 2013.

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