It’s a weird place and a bizarre activity for someone to take a selfie. Following her NSFW pictures on Candy magazine, Miley Cyrus keeps making people shocked with her latest selfie which she uploaded on Instagram on Friday, November 13.

The former Disney darling took the image in what appears to be a public toilet while she’s peeing. “Pee pee w my bes frand,” so she captioned it. She sucked a corn and wore a green headband in the picture.

The 22-year-old singer/actress also shared a full-body shot of her in the public restroom with a similar pose. This photo reveals her full outfit, which includes a white printed shirt, a blue jacket, black pants and a pair of big furry sandals. “Swagging on em #cantseelashfwumhere,” she wrote in the caption.

Earlier that day, Miley made jaws drop with her super racy shots for Candy magazine. She appeared totally nude on the cover page and showed skin in other images taken by Terry Richardson.




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